Online Webinars

Online sessions from Googlers and industry experts to enhance your knowledge on various technical topics.

Google Cloud Platform Introduction | Abdelrahman Omran 

Machine learning / Tensorflow | Manoranjan Padhy 

Machine learning / Tensorflow | Ndjido Ardo BAR 

Building Conversational Experiences for Google Assistant '18 | Abdelrahman Omran

Introduction to Machine learning / Tensorflow | Rayan Al Zahab

Google Cloud BigQuery and Studio | iSolutions | Google Partner

Firebase intro | Rayan Al Zahab

Improving apps using App Bundles | Amrit Sanjeev

AndroidThings - Google session | Vaas Krishnamurthy

G Suit | Abdulaziz Alhammadi

Think business, Sketch as a designer and code like a geek | Rayan Zahab

product strategy | Abdulaziz Alhammadi

Progressive Web Apps | AMahdy

Marketing Concepts for Better Product Development | Sreeraman Thiagarajan / GDE

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter | AMahdy

Technology Trends | Salim Abid

Creative Ideation | Abdelrahman Omran

User Design Thinking | Rayan AlZahab

Build Actions for your Community | Abdelrahman Omran

Think business, sketch as a designer and code like a geek | Rayan AlZahab