Google Developers ML Summit '19 brings together industry professionals in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you already work in the ML/AI field, and are interested in enhancing your skills, while networking and learning from Google's ML/AI experts, this Summit is for you.

** Since the event has reached full capacity, registrations have been closed.

ML Summit '19


Get the latest on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence trends, direct from the experts' mouths.       



Deep-dive into ML/AI products and technologies to advance your learning.



Share ideas and knowledge with other ML/AI industry experts, and find inspiration in the diversity and innovation in this field.



Interact and network with fellow attendees and continue your learning with Google's developer communities.

2018 Recap

ML/AI Summit '18 at Cambridge was a huge success with great feedback received on the quality of the talks, content and usefulness. The photos and feedback from the event are below.

“I connected with experienced people in the industry which I could not have otherwise.”

“I learned more about different approaches of ML. Getting insight of out of box thinking.”

“Certainly introduced me to alternative approaches that made me rethink some methodologies of my machine learning projects.”


“I am inspired to apply machine learning technology to the fields other than computation”

“Learning about Google groups, networking with folks, ideas for future research”

"Diverse perspectives"

“The questions asked were great to spark new things that I need to dig into.”

When and where

8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Oct. 2, 2019
6425 Penn Aven, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Hosted by

Google Developers