Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you a facilitator? Below are some of the FAQs that you might have to conduct a Study Jam.

To spread awareness of Machine Learning & improve the technical efficiency of participants.

  1. Make sure all your participants complete Machine Learning Crash Course in order to learn all concepts in Machine Learning.
  2. Make sure all your participants fill participant feedback form.
  3. Fill the facilitator feedback form and send me event report at the end of your event. 

Yes, you can conduct more than one. Make sure you register each event separately here

Resources - Google Engineers have built Machine Learning Crash Course for making it easier for you to learn and train others. We have made it accessible to all and you can use this as a training course in your sessions. You can find more resources on deep learning, Tensorflow etc at

We will also support selected events with schwags and food & beverages.

To conduct at least one Study Jam to train ~50 participants and help them complete the Machine learning Crash Course in order to learn ML concepts. We recommend to learn while building a project with your study group.

To make it more flexible for the facilitator we have left it to the facilitator to plan, organize and invite their participants.

You can start by creating an event online with registration form. Publicize your event in your region/communities. You can reuse the communication email templates for sending mails to the participants.

No, we discourage giving certificates for all Google events. As Machine Learning takes a lot of self learning to become an expert in it and even though attending this study jam introduces people to various topics and encourages them to build projects but it doesn't access their level in ML. Google Events are meant to be knowledge driven not certificate driven.

No, Please do not charge any fee for your events. We will be helping you with F&B and Schwags for motivating participants. We will also help you connect to incubators for venue wherever possible. We request you to find a free venue to conduct your event. We highly encourage you to collaborate with other facilitators, sponsors and communities for your events.

Registration to be a facilitator or host is now closed. If you are still interested, drop a mail to XXX with your profile and city you want to host the study jams.

Are you a participant? Below are some of the FAQs you might have before attending your Study Jam.

Your registration is not a confirmation. You will receive an email confirming your participation as a study jams facilitator. You may also start the pre-work from the course and keep you queries from the course ready before the event.

Learn ! Network ! Build !

At the least we expect you to complete the concepts from the Machine Learning Crash Course.

ML Study Jams and the Machine Learning Crash Course both are free of cost.

  • You need to be familiar with Python. You don't need to be an expert.
  • You need to know at least a little about linear algebra, calculus and statistical mathematics.
  • If you are not well equipped with both the above prerequisites then complete the MLCC prework before your study jam to make the most of your learning experience. 

Machine Learning Crash Course contains some Python programming exercises. However, those exercises comprise only a small percentage of the course, which non-programmers can easily understand and learn.

Many of the Google engineers who took MLCC didn't know any Python but still completed the exercises. That's because you'll write only a few lines of code during the programming exercises. Instead of writing code from scratch, you'll primarily manipulate the values of existing variables. That said, the code will be easier to understand if you can program in Python.

MLCC relies on a variety of media and hands-on interactive tools to build intuition in fundamental machine learning concepts. You need a technical mind, but you don't need programming skills.

You will need your laptop & laptop charger. If you like to take notes, you can carry your notepad & pen too.