Welcome to Google’s Mobile UX Marathon, a series of weekly webinars about improving user experience on mobile websites. Gain knowledge, tips and tricks in user experience, conversion rate optimization, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Google Material Design, modern web technologies and A/B testing. After completing homework in your own time, join weekly livestreams for Q&A sessions with Google experts. 


Why should you join?

According to recent studies, a well-designed user interface can help brands increase their conversion rates by a whopping 200% and help their company outperform the market. As more and more people turn to smartphones for daily tasks, it’s crucial to build webpages with the mobile-first user in mind. Brands like Iberostar, CreditPlus and Hawkers have produced tangible business results by improving their mobile UX.

Join the Mobile UX Marathon to learn how you could do the same.

How will it work?

Once you have registered on this website, each week you’ll receive detailed information on the upcoming livestream and homework to prepare in advance. Each livestream will run several times to accommodate EMEA, APAC and Americas time zones, with new Google experts joining every time to answer the questions you submit before or during the session.The Marathon is open to everyone – marketers, UX practitioners, design and product teams and developers – looking to perform better on mobile web.

We’re looking forward to running this marathon with you!