Our goal for this workshop is to expose academic researchers to the technical challenges that Google is facing, as well as some of the real-world constraints we operate under. Just as important, the workshop will give a chance to faculty in computer networking (and related areas) to expose their own new or early stage work to each other, and to the Googlers who will be attending. This year’s workshop will mainly focus on three topics: global approaches to congestion control, the impact of Cloud on network design and engineering, and practical network measurements at scale, but we will encourage fruitful digressions. Although we are not constraining submissions to specific topic areas, we are interested in talks addressing problems related new networking challenges related to cloud computing, congestion control and measurements at scale. The agenda will include talks by both academic and Google participants, a poster session for students, and plenty of time for structured and unstructured discussion

February 28-March 2, 2022

Who: About 80 academic attendees and 80 Googler attendees

Questions? Email: NetworkingSummit2022@google.com

Chairs: Priya Mahadevan, Nandita Dukkipati, Daniela Raijman, Rupa Krishnan

Advisors: Christophe Diot, David Culler, Jeff Mogul

Logistics Leads: Victoria Lovato, Olivia Ho

Sponsors: Amin Vahdat, Bikash Koley, Rob Enns


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