Announcing our speakers!

Hear from different leaders across Alphabet and within the community. In addition, there will be technical talks on Google technologies (Cloud, AI/ML, Android and Web) and more! 

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Opening Keynote Speaker


Keynote Speaker

Jason Titus

VP of Engineering,


Speaker: Priyanka Vergadia

Priyanka Vergadia 

Cloud Developer Advocate, 


Speaker: Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell

CSS Evangelist | YouTuber


Speaker: Nilay Yener

Nilay Yener

Program Manager, Flutter Developer Relations, 


Speaker: Jesse Hall

Jesse Hall (aka codeSTACKr)

Senior Developer Advocate,  MongoDB | YouTuber


Speaker: Shaundai Person

Shaundai Person

Senior UI Engineer, 


Speaker: Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf

VP of Developer Experience,


Speaker: Meghan Mehta

Meghan Mehta

Android Developer Advocate,


Speaker: Murat Yener

Murat Yener

Android Developer Advocate,


Speaker: Lynn Langit

Lynn Langit

Google Developer Expert,
Independent Cloud Architect who codes 


Speaker: Victor Trac

Victor Trac

Google Developers Expert | Founder,


Speaker: Tristan Li

Tristan Li

Customer Engineer, Data


Speaker: Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis

Principal Architect

Speaker: Martin Omander

Martin Omander

Cloud Developer Advocate, 


Speaker: Madona Syombua

Madona Syombua

Google Developers Expert | Android Engineer III,


Speaker: Taylor Desseyn

Taylor Desseyn

Senior Recruiter,


Speaker: Trang Ho

Trang Ho

VP of Software Engineering, Sony Interactive Entertainment


Speaker: Valerie Phoenix

Valerie Phoenix

WTM Ambassador | Engineering Manager, 
Tech By Choice


Speaker: Luiz GUStavo Martins

Luiz GUStavo Martins

ML Developer Advocate,


Speaker: Sara Robinson

Sara Robinson

Cloud Developer Advocate,


Speaker: Philipp Lackner

Philipp Lackner


Speaker: Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee

Google Developers Expert (Angular) | CEO and Co-Founder, This Dot Labs


Speaker: Chander Dhall

Chander Dhall

Google Developers Expert (Angular, Web Technologies) | CEO of Cazton


Speaker: Nancy Chacko

Nancy Chacko

Software Test Specialist,
Dell Boomi


Speaker: Jason Mayes

Jason Mayes

Senior Developer Advocate


Speaker: Vikram Tiwari

Vikram Tiwari

Google Developers Expert (Cloud, ML) | Co-Founder, Tech, Omni Labs Inc.


Speaker: Denise Carolina Videtta

Denise Carolina Videtta

Engineering Manager, Asana


Speaker: Bruce Gustafson

Bruce Gustafson

President & CEO, Developers Alliance


Speaker: Monty Rasmussen

Monty Rasmussen

Google Developers Expert
(Flutter) | Senior Frontend Developer, CALLWARE

Speaker: Sierra Obryan

Sierra Obryan

Senior Android Engineer,
Atomic Robot


Speaker: Roman Jaquez

Roman Jaquez

Google Developers Expert (Flutter) | Senior Software Development Engineer, Philips Health Systems

Speaker: Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew

Staff Technical Writer - Web Platform, Google


Speaker: Faisal Abid

Faisal Abid

Google Developers Expert (Flutter) | 
VP of Engineering, Bitstrapped


Speaker: Israel Serna

Israel Serna

Grow with Google Speaker & Trainer


Speaker: Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards

Google Developrs Expert (Android, Kotlin) | Staff Software Engineer, Dropbox


Speaker: Andrea Wu

Andrea Wu 

Software Engineer, Google


Speaker: Zachary Powell

Zachary Powell

Lead Developer Advocate, Huawei AppGallery Connect


Speaker: Timothy James

Timothy James

Engineering Manager, Google


Speaker: Kübra Emma Zengi

Kübra Emma Zengin

Regional Lead - North America Dev Ecosystem, Google  

Speaker: Danny Thompson

Danny Thompson

North America Dev Ecosystem Team, Google

Speaker: Corinna Luu

Corinna Luu 

North America Dev Ecosystem Team, Google

Speaker: Procheta Nag

Procheta Nag

GDG Richmond Organizer | UX/UI Designer, BGC Engineering Inc.


Speaker: Carol Bolger

Carol Bolger

GDG SunCoast Organizer & Southern Region Mentor | Computer Software Professional


Speaker: Bill Liu

Bill Liu

GDG Cloud Bellevue Organizer | Founder, AI Camp


Speaker: Nav Singh

Nav Singh

GDE | GDG Montreal Organizer | Mobile Software Engineer, Manulife