Welcome to Performance Honours

an awards program from Google

We're excited to introduce Performance Honours to Canada! Performance Honours is an agency awards program that has been running in Australia for the past two years - and we're now bringing it to Canada.

The goal of this program is to recognise the great work that our search and performance agencies are doing in delivering results for clients through adoption of best practice - while at the same time celebrating success.

The prize for our successful winners is a Study Tour to our Google New York office early next year. Make sure to check out our guide on the program here: bit.ly/perfhonours.

The program will focus on best practice across the 'beautiful basics' of search - in other words, those levers which help drive performance for your clients.

Please contact performancehonourscanada@google.com with any questions or check back here for updates.

New York Office

Please ensure you have opted into the Performance Honours program agreement. Your personal agency dashboard will be ready after each Performacne Period opt-in deadline, and it will house details on how you and your teams are tracking through the competition categories!


Award Categories

The award categories for Performance Honours are as follows:

  • Assets (aka Creative Excellence
  • Audience
  • Automation (Google Ads and Search Ads 360)
  • Optimization Score


Entry Criteria:

  • Nominee(s) must be a full time employee of an agency that has received an invite from Google to particpate in the Performace Honours program.
  • Nominee(s) must have submitted a short rationale on what they they did to achieve success in their respective awards category.


How many winners will there be?

We will have 2 individual winners per award category in each Performance Period. So that will be a total of 8 individual winners per Performance Period. You have the opportunity to become a Performance Honour Star!

We will select individual winners based on the below:

  • Total achievement of category metrics over the applicable Performance Period*.
  • Greatest movement of category metrics over the applicable Performance Period*.

*What is the Performance Period? 

The Performance Period is the timeframe in which we will consider metrics for each of the categories. These are as follows:

  • 4th July - 8th September 2019
  • 1st October - 8th December 2019 

More Terms & Conditions here