Ewa Gasperowicz, Developer Programmes Engineer, Google

Ewa Gasperowicz

Ewa is a Developer Platform Engineer on the Google Web team. She's focuses on frontend development, in particular on making the web faster and more user friendly. Recently she's investigating the complexities of migrating existing websites to the PWA paradigm.

Pete LePage, Developer Advocate, Google

Pete LePage

Pete is a Developer Advocate on the Web team at Google, helping web developers build the next generation of Web Apps. He likes taking the sharp edges off bleeding edge technologies and making it easy for developers to use them.

Rowan Merewood, Developer Advocate, Google

Rowan Merewood

Rowan (pictured on the left) is a Developer Advocate on the Web team at Google. He's currently focused on how to build the best e-commerce experiences on the web.

Sam Dutton, Developer Advocate, Google

Sam Dutton

Sam is a Developer Advocate based in London. Sam currently spends most of his time building training resources for web developers. He specialises in images, media APIs, and WebRTC. He also maintains simpl.info, which provides the simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.