Want to become a Google Developer Expert?

You're in the right place.

"Road to GDE" is a 3-month mentoring program focused on supporting people from historically underrepresented groups in tech on their path to becoming a Google Developer Expert.

Application to class #4 is now closed.
However, if you are interested in participating in future editions of the Road to GDE fill out the form below!


How does it work? 

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. If it's successful, we will match you with a mentor based on your tech focus, potential mentoring needs, timezone and language you feel comfortable speaking. 
  3. During the 3 months of the program, we recommend you to book up to 5 sessions with your mentor,
  4. At the end of the program, you will be contacted by the Google Developers team to discuss your readiness for the Experts program, and potential next steps.   
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Who can apply?

Your application is likely to be succesful if you:

  • Have a genuine interest in joining the Google Developers Experts community.
  • Have 2+ years of experience working with Android, Angular, Earth Engine, Dart, Firebase, Flutter, Google Cloud Platform, Kotlin, Machine Learning, Payments or Web Technologies. 
  • Have examples of sharing knowledge around those topics: you've written some articles, blog posts, books, gave talks, mentored others etc. 
  • Are passionate about developer communities.
  • Are ready to commit to a 3-month mentoring program. 

Who are the mentors?

All mentors are active Google Developers Experts - great people and skilled developers. We hope you will enjoy working together!

Timeline of class #4

  • Jul 4: Application opens
  • Jul 22: Deadline to submit your application
  • Aug 12: Mentees chosen, informed and matched with their mentors
  • Aug 31: Program Kick-off
  • Dec 1: Program graduation

The timeline is subject to change. 

Experts program

What does it mean to be a Google Developer Expert?

Check here

Mentee Guide

Read more about the program and what to expect.


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