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Google Developers Space, Singapore is a home for startups and developers from around the region to learn, connect, engage, and be inspired.

Startup Coffee Chat is a monthly event bringing startups from across Southeast Asia together to share best practices and learn from one another.

As schools pivoted to online learning due to COVID-19, EdTech tool adoption in Southeast Asia has witnessed record growth in 2020, with more than 3 times spike in the install base of the top EdTech apps in the region.

In this edition of Startup Coffee Chat, along with thought leaders in the industry, we'll be discussing trends, best practices, challenges, and what the future of EdTech in Southeast Asia looks like.

There will be a Q&A segment towards the end of the session. Simply add your questions when you're registering, or during the livestream.



Justinus Okky

Justinus Okky
Engineering Manager, Ruangguru

Ruangguru is the largest technology company in Indonesia that focuses on education-based services, with more than 22,000,000 users and 300,000 teachers offering services in more than 100 subject areas. The company develops various technology-based learning services, including virtual class services, online exam platforms, subscription learning videos, private tutoring marketplaces, and other educational content.

Justinus manages the Skill Academy and Ruangkerja, as part of the lifelong learning tech stream, as well as Brain Academy, which is under the K12 stream. 

Ronald Ishak

Ronald Ishak
Founder and CEO, Hacktiv8

Hacktiv8 is a rapid education program that turns absolute beginners into job ready developers and places them into high growth careers in tech. The startup's immersive onsite program is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hacktiv8 aims to alleviate the developer crunch in Jakarta with the emerging trend of tech companies and also significantly improve the standard of web developers in Indonesia.

Ronald has a passion of helping others cultivate a growth mindset and thrive in their life journey. He is also a coffee snob and can talk to you about coffee for hours.

See you at Startup Coffee Chat on February 25!