The Google conference “A conversation on the future of work” took place on 27th October 2017. We highly value the lively discussions and important contributions from everyone who took part.

For us this is the first step in a wider debate on the future of work in Finland. We are open to continue this discussion with you and welcome further ideas so we can jointly develop an approach to this issue.

As a background for such a discussion, you can download the McKinsey research “Digitally-enabled automation and artificial intelligence: Shaping the future of work in Europe’s digital front-runners” here. A deep dive into data for Finland can be found here.

You’re welcome to check out the highlights from the conference in this video.

Join the conversation 

  • What impact will digital technologies have on our economies and societies in the long term? Is the adoption of new technology in Finland happening at the desired speed? What lessons can be drawn from history when it comes to adapting to change in the economy and society?

  • What are the new jobs created by emerging technology? How can we create more jobs? How can we get higher quality in the services delivered and less of net job loss?

  • How can those at risk of losing their jobs to automation get the training to thrive in a new job? How can future employees be prepared for the skills needed in a more digitised society?

  • How can Finland maximise the benefits of digitisation and be a leader on digital? What are the economic and social changes needed to benefit from emerging technology? What role will national policies play and what is the need for action at EU level?


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