A good way to ensure everyone on the Web is safe is to educate and raise awareness.

You can organize education workshops and sessions for your friends and family. In a group of not more than 3, you can educate and raise awareness on ‘Together for Safer Internet’ to participate in this contest.

Make sure to create a campaign plan, showcase your ‘Together for Safer Internet’ lessons and organize workshops, sessions. Don’t forget to take pictures to show us your campaign implementation.  


  • This is a team activity, with a maximum of 3 people in each team
  • It should adhere to the Terms and Conditions

Judging Criteria

  • Number of initiatives and consistency
  • Number of people reached and impact
  • Estimated people you can reach in a year
  • Innovation and creativity   

Please read our Terms & Conditions before getting started.  

 Ensure to fill and submit completed consent form to webrangersindia@google.com to participate in the contest.