World Usability Day

hosted by Google Developers Experts

The Google Developers Experts program is excited to celebrate World Usability Day with a new global event series to help spread awareness about the importance of good design to product creators everywhere. 

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak with you about visual design, design sprints, interaction design, front end development, user research and much more.  

We hope to see you there!

World of devices
WUD Locations

Join one of ten events happening in cities around the world!

World Usability Day is officially November 9, 2017, but we'll be hosting talks & trainings led by designers from Google and local community experts throughout the month of November to early December in 10 different locations.

Google Developers Experts are exicted to hold the World Usability Day events in 2 locations in Africa. Lagos on 27 -28 Nov and Nairobi 30 Nov - 2 Dec.

This program is open to the general UX community. Apply to attend the speaker series here:


UX Masterclass for Startups

This class is geared towards startups and companies that would like to improve their product development and shipping process with design thinking, and to establish a more user-centered process. We encourage teams of 4-6 stakeholders representing a wide range of functions (engineers, product managers, designers) to attend.

Thank you for your interest! Applications are now closed.


Meet the Speakers

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak with you about the topics on our agenda.

Emily Meinhardt

Design Producer, Google

Masumi Matsumoto

UX Designer & Researcher, Google

Mark Kamau

Director of User Experience Design, BRCK

Tosh Juma

Founder, Nairobi Design Institute

Kene Udeze

Google Developer Expert, UX

Elizabeth Baylor

Tez Research Lead, Next Billion Users

Ire Aderinokun

Frontend Developer and UI Designer

Kenneth Kinyanjui

Google Developer Expert, Cloud

Silvia Calvet

UX Design & Strategy

JR Kanu

Cofounder @ The Design Institute, Lagos, CEO @

Felix Wang

UX Designer, Google

Huston Malande

Program  Manager