The Google partnership program

Take things to the next level

Google wants to empower partners to deliver the benefits of Google’s marketing solutions at scale, helping businesses worldwide thrive. 

How does the partnership program work?


Google - Provides partners with a high-touch support system that includes training, sales and tech support, partner management and branding

Partner - Engages directly with businessess and creates, manages and optimises their Google advertising accounts

Advertiser - Enjoys growth and revenue


What are the benefits of partnering up with Google?

Strategic consulting around offering, pricing and operational set up

Technical expertise on API integration, specific product support and third party tech orientation

Co-marketing with development funds, sales incentives, client trainings, research and insights

Product access with preference in betas, acess to product experts, feedback loops

Team up with Google to deliver more value from digital marketing for all business globally


True marketing automation

Provide better and more cost efficient marketing services enabled by AI 


Enhanced ad performance

Leverage from your existing data and connect it with Google Ads API to improve advertising performance


360 solutions for businesses

Deliver a one-stop-shop solution for your customers and jumpstart their introduction to digital marketing

  • Automatically generate keywords, ad texts, landing pages, and custom reports
  • Integrate Google Ads data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock
  • Develop additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts.

Make the most of Google Ads API


Create and manage ads that reach users across the Google ecosystem (Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping & Univeral Apps)

Start-ups that have partnered up with Google


  • Founded in 2005
  • Provides payment solutions to more than 100.000 merchants globally
  • Klarna is building a full automated marketing solution for its merchants enhanced with its own data


  • Founded in 2016
  • Provides small business owners which are not marketing-savvy with a fully automated Google Ads solution. Cobiro's entire business is built on Google Ads API
  • Cobiro is currently serving more than 25.000 online stores and growing at a hyper-fast pace



  • Founded in 2013
  • Keywordio combines statics and algorithms to enable micro-moment bidding for enhanced ad performance.
  • Keywordio has buily unique automated service that allows advertisers to promote their entire product inventory from a single suite.

"Many of the next generation of marketing companies are likely to come from the Nordic region. Our role is to be a catalyst for innovation: with our global platform and know-how we offer the capacity to rapidly scale from local ideas to global markets.”

Jonas Hernlund, Head of Channel Sales, Northern Europe @Google

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