Lead mentors

Adam Wesolowski

Adam is an experienced T-shaped marketer that help startups to grow and build or scale their online marketing activities. Currently advising few startups from all over the world, responsible for creating and implementing their growth and marketing strategy. He worked for companies such as Google, PizzaPortal, SecurionPay, Nasza-klasa.

Katarzyna Dorsey

Kasia Dorsey, co-founder & CEO of Yosh- fashion e-commerce marketplace for leading European online retailers. Currently focusing on delivering personalised recommendation through use of Artificial Intelligence and chatbot. Previously leading marketing on Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite for The Coca-Cola Company on 9 markets.

Omar Nawaz

Omar is strategist and technical marketer specialising in brand & communication strategy. He has worked with some of the worlds leading brands including Pepsi, Amazon, Renault & Honda and has extensive experience planning, developing and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Maria Połońska

Maria is a sales & marketing strategist working with new technologies. She is a founder of an interactive agency Kreatik. She builds digital products together with a go-to-market strategy helping her clients reach their goals.

Zuzanna Śleszyńska

Influencer Marketing Manager. Social Media and e-commerce enthusiast. Co-founder of Lettly, which helps brands build their online presence.


  • Joanna Nagadowska
  • Justyna Kot
  • Lukasz Pietrzak
  • Deniz Barisik
  • Margaret Ann Dowling
  • Daniel Vakhovskyi
  • Kirill Bigai
  • Ewa Wysocka
  • Vlad Teslenko
  • Pavlína Louženská
  • Ruslan Nazarenko
  • Pavlo Pedenko
  • Viktor Lokotkov
  • David Braun
  • Tatiana Protasova
  • Pavel Bandura
  • Sergii Bratusov
  • Marc van Ling
  • Irina Sergeeva
  • Filip Nowicki
  • Ivan Gorshunov
  • Akash Shukla
  • Michał Kostrzewa
  • Ruslan Nazarenko
  • Miroslav Esser
  • Pavel Bartos
  • Petr Mandik