Meet the Startups


Admify (Poland)

Admify is a pioneering End-to-End solution for management and administration of the housing associations and, above all, unified and effective communication management with its inhabitants/members and all 3rd party users


CodeAll (Poland)

CodeAll allows you to create an intelligent environment through programming - a car parking sensor, bicycle theft detection, home alarm, a system that informs about a finished laundry or the lack of food in the fridge. As a side effect, CodeAll teaches real programming, real code.


Equally (Poland)

Equally is a mobile application designed for convenient, fast and simple division of bills and payments between a group of friends. The app allows also to immediately get a repayment and automatically reminds of receivables.



Groundifly (Greece)

The Groundifly application gives extreme sport athletes the opportunity for them to find the next most suitable spot in the city to train, socialize, and share on the Groundifly application. (Poland)

Helpzy is the first social-charity platform, where you can quickly find % matched content  and at the same time, where your activities  generate financial resources that you use to support charities without actually donating your own money.


LETME (Poland)

LETME is an AI-driven platform leveraging big data, machine learning, and experts’ input to present best possible product recommendations to each visiting customer. Our first product segment is PC gaming.


Locky (Poland)

Locky provides wireless technology to monitor state of the keylock. It is in a form of universal door key overlay, adaptable on nearly every door key on the market. Locky analyze key movement and recognize turn of your key in lock and notify your smartphone.


Truckersky (Poland)

Truckersky is the most fitted Trucking business app, build for drivers and Companies.



VIKING GARAGE solves the problem with motorcycles, by providing a Community and Marketplace, to help riders and owners to safely and securely rent bikes.


VIZUM (Poland)

To remove information overload from our daily lives. Now we’re getting messages from the city, office, friends, theater & many other places at once no matter where we are. Vizum = focus on here & now.