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Launchpad Start (Class 1)

"The essentials of the whole event are MENTORS. There were 7-10 different mentors every day, picked up very conscientiously and according to their expertise in particular topic of the day. Mentors and organizing staff had meetings 2 or 3 times a day in order to be aligned with every shift of each start-up. They even had slack groups for every start-up, so that a new mentor knew what the start-up´s needs were at that certain point. This was the biggest magic! Professional mentors (...) from various countries (Poland, Israel, Belgium, France, Czech Rep., Germany etc.) aligned on every steps of each startup. Amazing!"

Michaela Kloudova, Founder of


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Launchpad Start (Class 1)

"Launchpad Start was simply a trampoline for us, while climbing on it we learned how to crawl, walk, run and finally jump. We started on Monday with a vision and finished on Friday with a structured plan of identifying hypotheses, testing them and validating the learnings. +40 mentors, amazing teams from all over the Europe, experiences from various of industries and lots of delicious cakes. All that only within 5 days!"

Jędrzej Małolepszy, Co-Founder of Billtech

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Launchpad Start (Class 1)

"It was one of the most intensive week of my last few years ;). Each day was incredible. I'm still impressed by the value what I've received from mentors (huuuge amount of knowledge). It was really valuable time. Now, I'm more aware what needs to be done to move the app to the next level."

Grzegorz Balcerzak, Founder, Photo&Picture Resizer