Flutter Day coming on June 25, 2020!

Join us for a full 24-hours of codelabs and Q&A hosted by the official Flutter team!

We'll also have three talks diving in deeper on some of the recent announcements this spring. 

Following this event, there will be a community-driven Flutter hackathon

Flutter Day

Join industry experts

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to answer your questions and speak with you about various topics througout this event. 


Andrew Fitz Gibbon

Flutter DevRel Team


Kenzie Schmoll

Flutter Engineer

Bob Nystrom

Bob Nystrom

Dart Engineer


Zoey Fan

Flutter PM

Three main sessions within the 24 hour period. Ongoing codelab support. 

We will have three sessions throughout the 24 hours to accomodate for all time zones. Each session will cover a different topic directly from the Flutter team.

We also have ongoing codelab support during this time to get your quesitons answered as you try them out.

When and where

24 hours starting at 9am Pacific, June 25, 2020

Join us from anywhere around the world. This is a 100% virtual and free conference. We are excited to see you!