Join a Regional Event

We want Flutter Day to be exciting for everyone. Regardless of where you will be on June 25, watch the livestream on our YouTube channel to view all the sessions and get access to exclusive livestream-only content. You can also experience Flutter Day in your region by joining a Community Meetup. Meetups are all about our remote audience, enabling Flutter advocates from across the globe to gather with their peers and experience Flutter Day within their own community. Find a party in your city and join the excitement.


GDG Johannesburg, GDG Nairobi, GDG Kisumu, GDG Lagos, Flutter Kenya, Flutter Kisumu, Flutter Lagos joined forces and organizes 2 days of Flutter Day. Click on the meetup names and join! 

11 meetups in India came together and brought Flutter Day India to you. 

Join the party with your peers in India on June 27 at

Awesome communities in Turkey came together to celebrate Flutter in Turkish! 

Join GDG Ankara, GDG Istanbul, Flutter Izmir, GDG Denizli, GDG Kayseri, GDG Kocaeli, GDG Mersin, GDG Isparta, GDG Edirne, GDG Bursa, Cloud Bursa, GDG Kütahya, GDG Sivas, GDG Burdur Cloud İzmir, Cloud Ankara, GDG Elazığ, GDG Urfa, DSC İstinye 


WTM Saudi Arabia and GDG Cloud Saudi Arabia brings you 6 days of Flutter event, starting on June 28! Subscribe here and get a reminder.


GDG Oslo, Flutter Oslo, Flutter Helsinki, GDG Copenhagen comes together and runs Flutter Day Vikings edition! 


Check out the map above for more regional meetups and join a meetup near you!