• Each week we’ll share a technical challenge via Classrooma learning platform that will automatically give you access to the challenges and allow you to submit your solutions. We'll also be attaching video solutions for the technical assignment in Java/C++/Python.
  • You will be assigned a unique username and password to be able to access classroom. Ensure you remember the password you set for yourself to avoid any delays in accessing the platform
  • Based on your solution for the technical challenge, five students will be picked each week through raffle to have a 1:1 mock interview with a Google engineer between August /September.

Winners of the Flattended Iterator challenge in no particular order:

  1. Adelina Badea
  2. Dildora Alimdjanova
  3. Eylül Yalçınkaya
  4. Feiyu Jia
  5. Laura Cancedda

Winners of the Balanced Parentheses challenge in no particular order:

  1. Milena Wojtczak
  2. Mürüvet Gökçen
  3. Dilara Kekulluoglu
  4. Hope Oluwalolope
  5. Enikő Biró 

Winners of the Longest Path in tree challenge in no particular order:

  1. Aliona Dangla
  2. Isabela Nazare
  3. Michela Ravanelli
  4.  Anastasia Shimorina
  5. Magdalena Augustynska

Winners of the Histograms and Areas challenge in no particular order:

  1. Diana Andreea Popescu
  2. Malka Isaacs
  3. Manar Shawkey
  4. Ruiqi Li
  5. Sara Elkady 

Winners of the Word Hunting challenge:

  1. Kornelia Lukojc
  2. Hadeel Ghoummaid
  3. Dahlia Shehata
  4. Maria Mattar
  5. Marina Bakhmetyeva

Wineers of the Car Plate Vocabulary challenge:

  1. Zeynep Cankara
  2. Sophie Danneels
  3. Amelia Rossowska
  4. Mariam Isoieva