Audience Product Experts

Google Partners Audience Product Experts

Become an Audience Product Expert for you agency with our 7-part training program, covering the basics of Remarketing right through to advanced topics like Programmatic.

*Please note the certification drive has now ended

Our host: Alessia Scarpellini

 Alessia has been working at Google Ireland for 3.5 years and is a Search Audiences Product Specialist. She is experienced in training development and delivery, and is currently focusing her efforts on Audience coaching.

Each session, Alessia will be joined by an expert speaker to bring you through Audience Solutions and help you to become and Audience Product Expert.

Audience Strategy: Inside Google Audience Solutions

Topic Overview

  • Intro to the program
  • Why Audience is important?
  • From Remarketing to new customer acquisitions: what is Audience
  • Machine Learning to reach the right user the simpliest way
  • Introduction to Audience solutions available for Search and Display

Speaker - Aurora Vintilescu

Aurora has been an AdWords Ninja for the past 2.5 years. Passionate about everything audience, she's on a mission to spread a better understanding and implementation of Google Audience Solutions. During her free time, she enjoys geeking out on travel documentaries and vlogs, planning her next adventures. 

Understanding Audience Solutions and Remarketing

Topic Overview

  • How Audience Algorithms work 
  • Adwords Audience Insights Report 
  • Remarketing (recap on how it works and best practices)
  • Analytics for Audiences: smart tools
  • Similar Audiences: how and why

Speaker - Miguel Cunha

Miguel is an Account Strategist working for Google in Dublin for almost 2 years. He works mostly with direct clients in Sub-Saharan Africa. More recently he become an Audience specialist for the Emerging Markets of EMEA. In his free time Miguel enjoys traveling and photography.

Best practices for Dynamic Remarketing, RLSA & DFSA

Topic Overview

  • Dynamic remarketing (recap on how it works and best practices)
  • Search Remarketing: Recap on RLSA (why and how)
  • Copy paste funciton for RLSA
  • Introduction to Demographics for Search (best practices)

Speaker - Caterine Sedilliere 

Catherine has been working at Google Dublin for 3 years and is currently an Agency Specialist for top French SEM agencies. She has developed a great product expertise of all our advertising solutions and in particular of Audience solutions, as she is part of the EMEA Audience specialists team. During her free time, she spends it mostly traveling or doing manual activities (sewing, drawing or creating jewels).

RLSA Advanced

Topic Overview

  • How RLSA works with automatic bidding strategies
  • Upcoming If function for Audiences
  • RLSA Target and Bid best practices
  • Analytics incrementality test for RLSA 

Speaker - Clement Bourgois

Clement is a Digital Marketing Strategist working with the biggest advertisers for the Spanish Market. In his 2 years in this role, Clement has been an active evangelist of RLSA, working with clients and providing support to his fellow Googlers - he is the author of an RLSA Playbook, a tool that helps his colleagues to correctly understand and implement a winning RLSA strategy with their clients.

Display Strategy

Topic Overview

  • Display Strategy Step 1: Leverage your own data
  • Display Strategy Step 2: Leverage Google data
  • The road to automation: how machine learning can help you invest in display the easy way
  • Set up for success:
    • How to structure your Display strategy: mix and match audiences solutions

Speaker - Anna Kovalenko

Anna works at Google's European Headquarters in Dublin, as EMEA Regional Lead for Google Display. Prior to becoming a regional product lead, Anna has helped over 1,500 advertisers of all sizes grow with Google solutions, and remains passionate about ensuring they work for any advertiser with any goal. On any given day Anna can be sharing the magic of display through workshops with clients across EMEA, as well as with Google's client-facing teams. 

Measurement: How Analytics will improve your Audience Strategy

Topic Overview

  • Macro vs. Micro conversion
  • Intro to Attribution Modeling
  • Attribution Reports: give the right value to your display strategy
  • Returning Users Report 

Speaker - Tadej Udovic

Tadej works at Google's European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as Product specialist for Search Audiences. His work is focused on bringing our audience products to advertisers in EMEA, and product feedback back to our product teams. When out of office, you'll likely find him doing some of his favorite watersports: surfing or sailing. 


Topic Overview

  • What is Programmatic
  • Introduction to DoubleClick
  • How AdWords and DoubleClick Tools can work with Audience across Search and Display
  • Program Conclusion

Speaker - Damien Blake

Damien is the EMEA Lead for Programmatic Advertising in Google Marketing Solutions. During his six years at Google, he has worked as a specialist across all of Google's Display products, including the Google Display Network and DoubleClick suite. He has worked with advertisers, ad agencies, large website publishers and app developers.