Google Workspace for Education 


What's new in Google Workspace for Education 

Whether you use Google Workspace in response to distance learning or are looking to get started, this webinar will look at the key tools and the range of updates for the free Education Fundamentals Edition and the paid upgrade editions.

Collaboration Made Easy


Collaboration is at the heart of Google Workspace. Learn how to embrace the tools & updates to work collaboratively in your school, college or university. Whether you are planning as a team, offering hybrid options for learners to connect with educators or working closely with parents and other stakeholders, this session will show the best options for digital cooperation.

Safer Learning with Google Workspace for Education 

Privacy and security are built into the very foundation of Google for Education. Learn about new and existing features of Google Workspace and Chromebooks that IT Admins can use to make sure everyone in the organisation can collaborate and share in a secure and effective way.

Efficiency with Google Workspace

Workspace for Education is designed to be intuitive. Learn about the latest features which enable you to be more efficient and save time so that you can be more focused on the things that matter the most - teaching & learning. In this session we will look at Google Classroom features that make life easier - be that setting up Classrooms, sharing work or integrating popular 3rd-party tools.

Engage Every Student

Technology in education is only impactful when it engages students and is accessible to all. Catch up with the latest Google Meet updates that focus on engaging students and facilitating discussion. You’ll also learn about the tools built into every Chromebook that ensure all  students can use the devices to their full potential.

Security Features Every Admin Needs to Know

In this session we focus on security features in the different editions of Google Workspace for Education and how they support IT administrators with key visibility and remediation tools for your domain.

Google Workspace Beyond Remote Learning

This session will help you be prepared to continue to enable independent learning through Google Workspace for Education if students are in the physical classroom or hybrid environments.

Enhanced Teaching & Learning Features in Google Classroom

The advanced management of Chromebooks and Windows devices is the showcase of this session. See how the Admin Console can become a central hub for the management and administration of these devices in your environment.