Frequently Asked Questions 

Mahir Digital Bersama Google is a Grow with Google program, where we offer virtual workshops (at no charge) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), business owners, and entrepreneurs to learn new digital skills with the help of Google tools.

Through the program, we aim to help businesses build an online presence, learn about their consumers, and connect with them better.

It's 100% free of charge. We do not charge for our virtual workshops.

We try our best to ensure there are multiple arrangements to choose from to accommodate everyone's schedules. Our workshops are conducted on both weekdays and weekends, with varied timings, so please do choose whichever suits you best.


  1. Connect to Customers on YouTube
  2. Stay Connected with Your Customers
  3. Get Started with Google Ads
  4. Be Secure and Protect your Data Online
  5. Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  6. Optimizing Your Website for Mobile
  7. Get New Customers with Google Search Ads
  8. Drive Online Sales with Google

Bahasa Malaysia:

  1. Bermula dengan Google Analytics
  2. Membantu PKS Malaysia Melangkah Kehadapan

To view our workshop schedule, please visit here.

To register, please visit here

To join, you will need to register here and choose the session(s) you are interested in attending. You will later receive a Google Meet link a few days before your selected session(s) via email or WhatsApp.

Yes, we have workshops available in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

We prioritize anyone who hasn't joined our workshops previously. However, you can still attend any of our workshops as long as seats are still available.