What is ML Study Jam?

ML Study Jam is a Google Developers' program for developers learning AI/ML technologies for free! In the basic level, developers who joined this program will learn how to leverage Google Cloud ML APIs to add intelligence into your applications!

You will learn these knowledge by doing hands-on labs on the Qwiklabs online learning platform by yourself. We will provide you a free 1-month subscription of Qwiklabs (USD $55+ value). That means, you can learn these stuff in your self pace and do not need to worry about the cost!

** Welcome to use the hashtag: #MLStudyJam on your social posts

Study Jam


Sep 11, 2019 Program launched and open for registrations.
Sep 18, 2019 1st-wave coupon delivery.
Sep 25, 2019 Registration closes.
Sep 26, 2019 2nd-wave Qwiklabs coupon delivery.
Study and report your progress if you would like to request the gift.
Oct 20, 2019 Deadline of requesting the gift.

How to request the gift?

Once you completed 4 or more labs from the assigned learning materials, you are eligible for requesting the gift.

* Notice: we could only ship the gift to the Hong Kong residents (港 九 新 界主要工商地區範圍).


3 steps to request

  1. Completed 4 or more labs from the assigned learning materials.
  2. Go to the My Learning page on the Qwiklabs, open your profile panel and capture a screenshot on your completed labs list with the profile panel. (The sample screenshot image is put below)
  3. Report your progress and the screenshot through this form. Please sign-in using the same account you registered the program. An event agency will contact you if you're eligible for getting the gift.

Sample Screenshot

TF Tshirt