Frequently Asked Questions 

We tried hard to list all questions you might encounter below. However, if there's no answer to resolve your question, feel free contact us via the mailing list (or you can leverage the Google Groups web UI). 

The coupon we provide can only be redeemed on the specific day only. However, if you redeemed the coupon correctly, you have 30 days free to use any Qwiklabs hands-on labs.

Yes, please register to enroll the program and you're still eligible for getting the swag.

Please follow this guide to ensure you successfully get the "Monthly Subscription" on Qwiklabs.

No. This 30-day free monthly subscription is designed for the Study Jam program only so it won't automatically extend your subscription. However, if you completed the "Machine Learning APIs" Quest (if you redeem the coupon by enrolling that Quest), you will get an additional 30-day free monthly subscription for further study. (it will not automatically extend either).