Yes, the workshops are for 0 EUR/CZK.

Yes, the workshops are led by trainers who will take you through the Design Thinking method step by step.

The workshops are intended for anyone who wants to learn how to think creatively and innovate using the Design Thinking framework.

Participants are selected on the basis of their answers to questions about their motivation and the problem they want to solve.

Due to working with shared documents and working in teams, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

A Google account is essential for the availability and functionality of all the tools used during the workshop.

The workshop is conducted via Google Meet under the guidance of a certified trainer and coordinator. During the workshop, participants work in teams and choose a current topic/challenge to which they propose possible solutions using the Design Thinking method.

The workshop is interactive and the involvement of each participant is important when working in an online team.

We organize workshops in Czech/Slovak and English.

Yes it is, during the five hours there are alternating periods of time when the trainer explains a part of the Design Thinking method and this is immediately followed by a practical task.

Yes, everyone who completes the workshop and completes the feedback form will receive a certificate.

You can write to the organizing team at info@ngof.cz.


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