Startups are key in the world's transition toward sustainable development. 


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We empower startups to make
measurable impact at scale.


Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program supports a global ecosystem of impact-focused startups. The program builds community and supports startups with advisors, funding, and platform technology. The UN’s 17 SDGs are used as the framework for measuring impact. The program is not time-bound, so as to support startups in their mission for long-term impact at scale. 


Expert guidance can unblock, accelerate, and inspire. Startups are matched within our network of experts for advice, mentorship, and support across a range of domains and subject matters. 


Startups need to be funded for scale. We connect them to the funding ecosystem, including venture capital and other investment partners, to secure the funding that supports their impact goals.


Sustainable development can only scale with access to scalable technology platforms. From open datasets to cutting edge AI, we bring to startups the best of research to take them to the next level.




Supporting the global startups who are
making an impact every day.


The challenges ahead as represented by the SDGs are ambitious and require speed and scale. With Google’s help, startups in the Startups for Sustainable Development program are addressing major obstacles to make a global impact in climate, agriculture, health, education, and more. 


Discover how AI is driving change. Explore real-world success stories showcasing how Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program empowers innovators tackling the world's biggest challenges.

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Meet the changemakers. Discover the inspiring stories of impact entrepreneurs tackling global challenges. Learn how they're building businesses that put purpose at the forefront.

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"This partnership has been invaluable.
Now, we focus on scaling this solution and bringing it to the forefront of the industry."

Nicolas Viant, FAUME Co-founder


Reshaping the Future of Fashion with AI

The fashion industry faces a sustainability crisis. Faume is tackling it head-on with an AI-powered solution for dynamic pricing of pre-owned clothing. With the support of Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program, they're turning the resale market into a force for change.

SDG 13: Climate Action

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OKO assure income to those who feed the world

Most farmers  are fully reliant on weather for income, and are very vulnerable to adverse weather effects.  OKO brings affordable crop insurance to underserved smallholder farmers, keeping them sustainable and allowing them to grow. 

SDG 1: No poverty 

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SurplusMap uses machine learning to build more places to charge your EV

SurplusMap is harnessing the power of data to drive the EV revolution. Their AI-powered platform analyzes vast datasets to pinpoint ideal charger locations. Collaborating with Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program has supercharged their innovation, transforming the way infrastructure is planned.

SDG 13: Climate action  

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The Startups for Sustainable Development program is currently accepting impact startup applications.

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In addition to the Startups for Sustainable Development program's support of impact startups, Google supports startups of all kinds through Google for Startups.

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