Reshaping the Future of Fashion with AI



The fashion industry's thirst for the "new" comes at a steep environmental cost. Faume is on a mission to change that. Their weapon of choice? AI. They envision a world where buying secondhand isn't just a sustainable choice - it's the smart, savvy one.

What role can AI play to accelerate impact?

Building a truly dynamic pricing system for pre-owned clothing is a challenge unlike any other. It needed a solution that no one else had. That's where Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program stepped in. Focused on helping impact-driven startups, the program is all about action, not just talk.

They teamed up with Google as part of a new initiative by the Startups for Sustainable Development program, during a 90-day sprint brought together experts from Faume and Google Cloud to tackle the pricing puzzle head-on. "Standard AI models just couldn't handle the complexities of secondhand fashion,"explains Axel Brachet from the Google Cloud team."But that's the beauty of AI – with the right approach, it can adapt to almost anything."

The result? Faume's moving closer to a pricing model that could turn the resale market on its head. "This isn't just about maximizing numbers," emphasizes Lucas Patricot. "We're proving that sustainable fashion can be accessible and affordable."

"What Faume's building is exciting proof that startups can solve big problems," says Axel Brachet, Google Cloud Finance Director. "AI, used the right way, can change the world, and Faume shows us just how."

The journey's far from over, but Faume and Google have laid the groundwork for a pricing model unlike any other. "This partnership," adds Nicolas Viant, "has been invaluable. Now, we focus on scaling this solution and bringing it to the forefront of the industry."