Transforming food waste management with AI: Kikleo's innovative approach

Martin d'Agay



The global issue of food waste has far-reaching consequences, contributing significantly to climate change. Google Startups for Sustainable Development’s latest initiative is empowering startups to tackle this urgent challenge. Over the past 90 days, 12 finalists, including Kikleo, collaborated with Google to expedite their progress. Let's delve into how Kikleo's innovative use of AI is revolutionizing the fight against food waste. 

What role can AI play to accelerate impact?

Kikleo envisions a future where restaurants and customers unite to combat food waste. Their groundbreaking product, a 3D camera powered by AI, meticulously analyzes food waste in restaurants, generating comprehensive insights into the types and reasons for waste.

While Kikleo's current technology equips restaurants with valuable data, their ambition goes further. They aim to convert data into tangible action. The Startups for Sustainable Development program has proven to be an invaluable resource for Kikleo, with their assigned team, Claudia, Saba, and Sujit, playing a pivotal role. Kikleo eagerly collaborated with experts to address specific challenges, ranging from algorithms and interaction design to the most effective ways to inspire lasting change in the foodservice industry.

Martin d’Agay, Kikleo's co founder, highlights the program's impact: "The SFSD program allowed us to have an overall vision and to strengthen the relevance of our solution using AI to reduce food waste in catering. This support from experts has also allowed us to better understand the impact we have on all stakeholders and to plan for our long-term CSR objectives as well as those of our clients."

Kikleo is now developing a new prototype that enhances the intelligence and effectiveness of their solution.