Revolutionizing Ocean Conservation with Underwater AI

David Lunsford

CEO & Founder

Stream Ocean

Our oceans, brimming with life, face the relentless threat of climate change and human impact. To safeguard these vital ecosystems, we need better ways to monitor their health. That's where Stream Ocean, led by founder David Lunsford, is making waves. Their mission is to empower industries and scientists with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions for ocean protection.

What role can AI play to accelerate impact?

Traditional marine monitoring often lacks comprehensive biodiversity data and efficient analysis. This makes it hard for decision-makers to act swiftly and strategically. Stream Ocean is changing the game with its groundbreaking underwater AI platform, powered by Google Cloud.

Stream Ocean collects vast amounts of underwater data through a network of cameras, aiming to create the world's leading underwater AI. Their mission aligns perfectly with ours: to harness technology for a more sustainable future.

Traditional data analysis in this field can be time-consuming. Our pre-trained models provide a strong foundation, while strategically designed interfaces allow Stream Ocean's experts to rapidly input essential insights. This unlocks a wealth of training data with incredible efficiency, transforming raw information into actionable knowledge.

"One of Stream Ocean's biggest bottlenecks is the annotation of fish images for training our species recognition model. Working with an expert at Google has helped us consider various ways to accelerate the classification of images. As a result of the Challenge, we strategically designed questions to help experts quickly provide critical information, unlocking huge amounts of training data with minimal time investment. We are extremely grateful for Google's support and would highly recommend start-ups to participate in the upcoming iterations of the Challenge." from David Lunsford CEO and co-founder

“Through monthly meetings, Google's engineering team assisted Stream Ocean in refining their ML models for specific taxonomic groups and expediting the data labeling process. Our goal is to continue this collaboration to produce a comprehensive labeled dataset that can be shared with the wider research community.” from SSM Sameer Warraich 

This collaboration exemplifies how technology can drive environmental impact. Stream Ocean's insights will bolster conservation efforts, protecting our precious marine ecosystems.