Past Webinars

18th March @ 3pm CAT

Embedding digital responsibility in every aspect of student learning 

Schools will be equipped with core strategies to ensure lasting student adoption of digital responsibility and establish a safe school environment. The core focus is driving student uptake of digital safety and empowering schools in this learning area.

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1st April @ 3pm CAT

An entrepreneurial, project based learning approach to education

Problem solving is central to career success in the modern age. Equipping students with problem solving skills related to real life challenges makes learning exciting and relevant. This session focuses on how Google Workspace improves project based learning and develops entrepreneurship.

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15th April @ 3pm CAT

Bringing computational thinking to your school with Google for Education

This session looks at simple ways to bring computational thinking to every class and subject. It explores how to implement STEAM in the school environment with Google for Education.

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29th April @ 3pm CAT

Give the students more power with flipped classrooms and Google for Education

Introducing learners to more digital sources of knowledge opens up new ways of structuring learning. Students can consume digital platforms asynchronously and this can be monitored in different ways. Students feel empowered when they are choosing the learning path and place. This session looks at how to share content with students with Google Sites, YouTube and Google Classroom.

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13th May @ 3pm CAT

Student led learning adventures with Google Forms and Slides

Student choice is central driving student engagement and development of intrinsic motivation. Google Slides and Forms are the perfect tools for differentiated learning paths. This session is a deep dive in maximising these tools and setting up student led learning adventures.

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27th May @ 3pm CAT

Keep students learning with collaborative Google Sheets, Slides, Sites and Docs

Social learning is one of the primary ways to improve student engagement and grades. The collaborative features in Google Workspace. Working with others is a lifelong skill that requires consistent practice and adaptation for new contexts. Whether it be establishing conversation turn taking in Google Meet or posting rules for Google Classroom, there are a host of ways to develop strong group work capabilities with the Google for Education product suite.

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10th June @ 3pm CAT

Automate parent communication with Google Classroom and stay connected across the distance

There are many instances where meeting with parents in person is not feasible. From video conference meetings to shared documents, Google Workspace has a host of ways to ensure parents and teachers can stay connected digitally. For example sharing student results and progress can be done efficiently and effectively with Google Sheets, Data Studio and more. Smart data analytics and sharing is one of the best ways to improve feedback and parent teacher relations. This session is packed with practical how-tos and examples.

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24th June @ 3pm CAT

Streamline lesson planning with Google for Education

Finding digital learning resources, completing lesson plans and sharing with school management teams and colleagues is time-consuming and challenging. Google for Education streamlines this process and saves teachers time. This session is packed with best practice and practical tips to make teaching preparation a dream.

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8th July @ 3pm CAT

Automatic grading and more with Google for Education

Student assessment and grading is central to student growth, but is labour intensive for teachers. Automatic grading with Google for Education is key to saving teachers time and giving students access to faster feedback. This session walks teachers through the technical and pedagogical know-how required.

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22nd July @ 3pm CAT

Bring lessons to life with Virtual and Artificial Reality and prepare students for a world with Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating Virtual and Artificial Reality into learning is one of the most exciting ways to transform a classroom. Teachers can use AR learning resources to help students understand difficult concepts from human anatomy to cell structures. Bridging the digital and physical world transforms learning into an engaging dynamic experience. AI is fast changing how the world works and career possibilities. Introducing AI to the classroom makes learners future ready. This session unpacks fun AI projects to do in the classroom using platforms like autodraw and teachable machine.

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