What is the Women Developer Academy?

The Women Developer Academy, powered by Women Techmakers, will equip participants with the skills, resources and support they need to become leaders in the industry through public speaking and other community contributions.

If you are a professional IT practitioner (e.g. software engineer, data scientist, developer, etc.) looking to land your first speaking opportunity, improve your public speaking skills and build your confidence and network, this month-long program is for you. You’ll have weekly workshops focussing on a specific topic (more details below) and have access to weekly 1:1 mentor sessions facilitated by Googlers and technical experts within our Turkish developer community. Beyond gaining new skills, you will also get to meet, connect, and network with other developers who are on a similar journey and support you to find speaking opportunities through our developer community network to showcase your newly developed presentations.

Let's work together to bring diversity to the stage, because impact does not end there -- it's where it starts!   


Women Developers Academy powered by Women Techmakers



  • April 10: applications open
  • June 1: applications close
  • June 11: all applicants will be contacted about the status of their application
  • June 15: Women Developer Academy starts.
  • July 20: Last Session and Graduation Ceremony

Note that the entire Academy will be completely virtual, so access to a computer and wi-fi will be needed for all participants.

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Who are we looking for?

  • Knowledge, passion and experience on one of the following technologies: Android, Google Cloud, Tensorflow, Machine Learning, Flutter, Firebase, Kotlin, Go, Web Technologies, Google Workspace
  • Little to some public speaking experience
  • Motivated to be active and vocal in the developer community and keen to participate as a speaker in developer conferences and meetups
  • Available throughout mid June to mid July to attend all workshop and mentoring sessions (virtually) as well as commit to our programme requirements
  • Based in Turkey, Central Asia and Caucasus
  • Women and other underrepresented genders within tech are eligible to apply for this Academy  

Please note that applying does not mean that your spot is confirmed. We will follow up to confirm if your application has been successful by June 11


Women on stage