June 15

Welcome to Women Developer Academy

Throughout the WDA, participants will tune-in to live workshops with speakers from Google and the Google Developer Expert program. Workshops will focus on the steps to build a stellar technical presentation and talk from selecting a topic, structing a presentation, public speaking and marketing skills and confidence building sessions. Participants will walk away with a finalized presentation that they can deliver at any upcoming conference.

Workshops will all be virtual

June 18

Simge Helvacı

DevOps Engineer @Garanti BBVA


Cultivating Confidence

The first step to take in leading a community is known as cultivating confidence. As a speaker and a leader learn how to cultivate confidence, create plans and strategies that work for you, and walk away ready to take on new opportunities. 

June 22

Elif Boncuk

Google Developer Expert and Software Engineering Manager, @GarantiBBVA

Public Speaking - Delivering an Engaging Talk

Public speaking is an art that needs to be perfected, and the skills that got you the speaking position might be entirely different from what you need to dazzle your audience. Learn good presentation techniques, and practical tips on public speaking to get yourself speaker ready!

June 25

Beyza Sunay Güler

Developer Relations @Google

Structuring a Great Technical Presentation

Many of the best presentations frame the talk as a journey - starting out by presenting a problem, describing the search for a solution, then of course there’s the “Aha” moment that shifts the audience’s perspective in a meaningful way before a wrap up that sums up the key takeaways. Learn best practices and tips on how you can structure technical presentations in a way that succinctly tells a compelling story that resonates with your audience.

June 29

Arzu Dede Gönültaş

Manager CoC Turkey @Mercedes-Benz


Setenay Özçürümez

Customer Experience IT Manager @Mercedes-Benz


Selecting the Right Topic

Create inspiration with your presentations. "Selecting the right topic" is the base move to start a change. If you know your audience and you can address them in the right way, that makes you a great speaker. Understand how information on the event & audience should inform our topic selection. Uncover our passion & experience.Use relevant research to inform. Select the right topic.

July 2

Handan Şefik Oral

IT Unit Manager @Mercedes-Benz


Discover Yourself

How much do we actually know who we are? There is a lot to discover! Focus on yourself, recognize the power that you have, choose your rights and make your own way!

July 7 - July 14

Women Developers Academy mentoring sessions


Participants will get a chance to meet with mentors and get feedback on their talk as it progresses throughout the WDA. Mentors will be able to help with both public speaking and presentation skills, as well as consulting around content and technical aspects.

Mentor sessions will all be virtual

July 15

Women Developers Academy Graduation

At the end of the WDA we will host a virtual celebration and participants will receive a certificate of completion.