Frequently Asked Questions 


The Women Developers Academy has been designed for all underrepresented genders in tech. It's really important to us that this event is as inclusive as possible, and of course that means any non-binary, agender, and metagender folx, regardless of their assigned gender at birth, are welcome to apply.

This specific WDA is only open to developers who live in Turkey.

The Women Developers Academy is a global program, so please follow Women Techmakers on Twitter to stay up to date on new applications for countries outside of Turkey.

There will be about 3 hours of live virtual sessions per week (Tuesday and Friday, 20:00-21:30) that all participants must attended throughout the course of the Academy. We'll do our best to accomodate schedules. See more in the Schedule tab

If you are not able to make this time commitment, or will not be able to attend live sessions in the decided days, we ask that you not apply this round - there will be future opportunities to apply to the WDA.

All applicants will be updated on the status of their application by June 11th.