We're excited to be back at GDC with a week full of great activities. 
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Google Developer Day | 3/19*

Join us for a full day, starting with a keynote, then diving in to three session blocks focused on innovation & new platforms, pre-launch, and post-launch. Each session will include several mini-talks from different Google teams and developer partners sharing new tools, learnings, and more.

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GDC Sessions | 3/21-23*

Attend conference sessions by Googlers and learn about projects our teams are working on to help game developers.

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Expo Booth & Talks | 3/21-23*

Head to our booth in Moscone South, to hear from various product groups, meet the experts, and get hands on demos.

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*These events are part of the official Game Developers Conference and require a pass to attend. Visit GDConf.com for more info.