We’ll start the day with a keynote sharing our latest news for game developers, followed by three sessions focused on innovation & new platforms, pre-launch best practices, and strategies to improve performance post-launch. See the full agenda below.*







Welcome keynote
The Google Developer Day kicks off with new product announcements, tools, and opportunities for game developers to build high quality, engaging experiences for a growing global audience.
Speakers: Purnima Kochikar, Director of Apps and Games Business Development, Google Play, Mark Vela, Head of Games Merchandising, Americas, Google Play, Jonathan Karmel, Instant Apps PM Lead, Google

Android platform features for game devs
Deep dive on new Android platform features for game developers with tips to get started. Also hear early successes from some of our launch partners.
Speaker: Ben Frenkel, Android Platform PM Lead, Google

Innovation & New Platforms

ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale
Hear how ARCore enables game developers to create incredible AR experiences at Android scale with some exciting new announcements. This talk will give an overview of the ARCore technology and other products to help developers build for AR.
Speaker: Nathan Martz, AR/VR Developer Platforms Product Manager, Google

Poly API: 3D assets on demand
Having the right assets is crucial to any 3D game. This is why we launched an API for Poly, our collection of 3D objects, allowing apps to search and import assets through a simple cross-platform API. We will cover the basics of how to use the Poly API (focusing on Unity and native Android apps) so you can start creating rich and immersive experiences.
Speaker: Bruno Oliveira, Software Engineer, Daydream

Building a better multiplayer
Join us for a fresh look at multiplayer game design. We introduce the Trust Spectrum - a design lens developed at Google that unlocks the potential to create meaningful human experiences. Based on decades of social science, it helps you build great games that support healthy connection, friendship, and trust.
Speaker: Aaron Cammarata, Technical Project Lead

Developing for AR
Panel discussion with top AR developers, sharing their experiences working with Google's new platforms and best practices.
Speakers: Maria Essig, Gaming Lead AR/VR, Daydream, Samantha Gorman, Co-Founder/Creative Lead, Tender Claws, Vladimir Ignatov, Sr. Producer, LEGO

Build real world games with Google Maps
Build your game world around the real world, powered by Google Maps' accurate and rich data. Create completely custom environments by turning Google Maps features into native Unity game objects. Design gameplay around the real world, ensuring your games can engage players at global scale.
Speakers: Clementine Jacoby, Product Manager, Geo & Patrick Donelan, Eng Lead, Geo

Pre-launch best practices

A New Era of Launching Games with the Play Console
Google Play has rolled out a number of tools to help you derisk new releases and give you more control when bringing new games to market. Use tools like Pre-Launch Reports, Android Vitals, Open Beta and Country Targeting to maximize 5-star reviews for your next launch!
Speakers: Emily Putze, Partner Development Manager, Google Play & Jonathan Cheung, Software Engineer, Google Play

Building games for inclusive audiences
Learn about the opportunity in making mobile gaming more diverse, more inclusive, and more engaging. We'll review research we conducted about the experiences of women who play mobile games and the opportunities for developers to build for all audiences.
Speakers: Tobias Knoke, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Expand your game to emerging markets
Learn about the unique technical, monetization and culturally driven challenges associated with making games suitable for emerging markets. Also learn how Android Go provides a new opportunity for Android developers to easily segment their games to address these markets.
Speaker: Kanan Rai, Business Development, Google Play & Tom Greenaway, Developer Advocate, Google

Improving user engagement and game quality with Firebase
Come discover how Firebase enables a smoother game development with a whole pack of new functionality. You'll learn how Firebase can help you silently sign-in your user, target users based on predicted churn or spend, and how Firebase Test Lab, in collaboration with Netease, allows you to easily test your game in the Cloud across a wide array of devices!
Speakers: Stewart Miles, Staff Software Engineer, Firebase, Nima Akhbari, Tech Lead, Firebase Test Lab & Xin Liu, Technical Director, Netease

Strategies to improve performance post-launch

Identifying opportunities through your game's data
While it's important to monitor high level KPIs to understand your game, it's even more critical to identify and understand the deeper metrics and leading indicators. Learn ways to setup and empower your team to discover next level insights and drive significant business growth.
Speakers: Adam Carpenter, Head of Developer Business Growth, Google Play & Moonlit Beshimov, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Building a long-term gaming business with Google's ads platforms
How do you thrive in the midst of rising consumers and a sea of savvy competitors? The keys to success are acquiring valuable players and monetizing your app in a way that keeps players coming back. Join us to learn about the newest innovations with Universal App campaigns, rewarded ads and more updates to our platform. 
Speakers: Belinda Langner, Product Manager, Mobile App Advertising & Vishal Kumar, Senior Product Manager, Mobile App Monetization

Building a community for your game with YouTube
YouTube is the largest platform for Gaming Video in the world with more than 400 hours of content uploaded every minute. Hear how you can start building a community around your games to engage with current and prospective fans and extend the life of your game.
Speaker: Dave Geffon, Head of Americas Gaming, YouTube

New mobile PvP gaming with Bandai Namco on Google Cloud
Learn how Bandai Namco Entertainment utilizes the latest Google Cloud Platform technologies, such as Spanner, to enable their next generation PvP mobile game delivered over Google's global network.
Speaker: Toshitaka Tachibana, Bandai Namco Entertainment

Applying AI to Candy Crush on Google Cloud
Learn how King is leveraging Google Cloud to apply AI to Candy Crush Saga - Decreasing content playtesting from 7 days to 7 minutes
Speakers: Nico Gaviola, Head of Gaming UK, Google Cloud Platform & Stefan Freyr, AI Research Lead, King

*Google Developer Day is part of the official Game Developers Conference and requires an Expo Plus Pass to attend. Visit GDConf.com for more info.