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Stop by our GDC booth Wednesday, March 21st through Friday, March 23rd to hear Googler talks, see product demos and ask your questions at our expert desk.

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March 21 

10:30 AM | Poly API: 3D Assets on Demand
Presented by: Bruno Oliveira, Software Engineer

Having the right assets is crucial to any 3D game. This is why we launched an API for Poly, our collection of 3D objects, allowing apps to search and import assets through a simple cross-platform API. We will cover the basics of how to use the Poly API (focusing on Unity and native Android apps) so you can start creating rich and immersive experiences.

11:30 AM | Firebase for Games
Presented by: Sachin Kotwani, Product Manager, David Airapetyan, Software Engineer and Chris Cornell, Software Engineer

Learn about all the different Firebase services, from backend and infrastructure to analytics and growth tools, that can help you level-up your mobile apps and enable you to focus on what you do best: Make great games. We'll also walk you through Mechahamster, a sample game built on top of Firebase.

12:30 PM | Building Connected Games 
Presented by: Joseph Holley, Cloud Solutions Architect and Brandi House, Sr. Product Manager, Unity Cloud

Connected games are the most played, most watched class of games today. Come learn more about connected games and the tools to build the ultimate player experience with Unity and Google Cloud. 

1:30 PM | ARCore: Augmented Reality at Android Scale
Presented by: Nathan Martz, Product Manager

Hear how ARCore enables game developers to create incredible AR experiences at Android scale with some exciting new announcements. This talk will give an overview of the ARCore technology and other products to help developers build for AR.

2:30 PM | How More Engaging Ad Formats Are Driving Higher Quality Players 
Presented by: Jennifer Lui, Product Manager and Kyle Rapp, Global Product Lead 

Modern players are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever before. Come learn about how user-centric ad experiences can drive better retention and ad performance.

3:30 PM | Smarter Games, Smarter Players - ML in Gaming
Presented by: Micah Baker, Product Manager

An intro to Google ML and how you can use it to make your games as well as your player interactions "smarter". Showcasing various applications of our current ML stack and how to get started. You don't need to be an ML expert to use ML on GCP!

4:30 PM | YouTube Gaming
Presented by: Marc Chambers, Technology Product Specialist 

March 22 

10:30 AM | Spatial Audio and Immersion - VR's Second Sense
Presented by: Eric Mauskopf, Product Manager, Ian Kelly, Software Engineer and Marcin Gorzel, Software Engineer

Learn how to use Resonance Audio SDK to add or improve immersive audio implementations in your applications for VR, AR, gaming, and YouTube videos. Learn how to optimize your app performance without sacrificing quality, even on mobile devices with limited resources compared to desktop PCs. We will also showcase a couple of demos using Resonance Audio.

11:30 AM | Build Real World Games with Google Maps
Presented by: Clementine Jacoby, Product Manager and Patrick Donelan, Software Engineer

Learn how to build your game world around the real world, powered by Google Maps' highly accurate and rich data. Easily create completely custom environments by turning Google Maps features into native unity game objects. Design gameplay around the real world, ensuring your games can engage players at global scale.

12:30 PM | Google Cloud Platform
Presented by: Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate

1:30 PM | AR Joysticks and Invisible Mice - Reinventing Game Controls in AR
Presented by: Aaron Cammarata, Technical Project Lead and Raph Koster, Game Designer

Historically, game developers have had a library of well-understood controls available for building games: d-pads, steering wheels, mice and keyboards, pedals, shoulder buttons, and of course, analog joysticks. In the emerging world of AR, designing the UX of even basic actions like "select unit" can bring development to a screeching halt. In this talk, we'll share with you our attempt to create AR versions of the two most common controls: mouse click and analog joystick. Starting with hypotheses, we built prototypes, and tested different options. In this deep dive talk we'll share our findings, and show you the control schemes in finished game products!

2:30 PM | Improving Revenue and Retention Strategies with Firebase Predictions
Presented by: Jumana Al Hashal, Product Manager

In this talk, we will share an overview of Firebase Predictions, which offers developers spend and retention predictions for each user and how you can use it in conjunction with A/B testing, Remote Config, and Notifications to increase revenue and improve retention.

3:30 PM | How More Engaging Ad Formats Are Driving Higher Quality Players
Presented by: Jennifer Lui, Product Manager and Kyle Rapp, Global Product Lead

Modern players are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever before. Come learn about how user-centric ad experiences can drive better retention and ad performance.

4:30 PM | Understanding Your Players - Analytics for the Win
Presented by: Michael Marano, Technical Director

Collecting, processing and analyzing terabytes of game data is challenging to scale. At Google Cloud Platform we specialise in managed services to make this whole pipeline much easier. Come see us query and visualize terabytes of game data with effortless operations. 

March 23 

10:30 AM | Audio Awesomeness on Android
Presented by: Don Turner, Developer Advocate

In this session Don Turner (Developer Advocate for the Android Audio Framework) will build a low-latency audio game from scratch* on Android. He'll demonstrate methods for obtaining the best audio performance from the widest range of devices using the newly launched Oboe library, and how to take advantage of the new breed of low latency Android "pro audio" devices. The app will be written in C and C++ using the Android NDK APIs.
*Some copy/pasting may occur

11:30 AM | 6 DoF Development (VR)
Presented by: Rus Maxham, Software Engineer

Is your VR app ready for an additional three degrees of freedom? Daydream Standalone headsets, like the Lenovo Mirage Solo, offer users greater comfort in VR, as they are no longer constrained by a simulated neck model. Learn how to adapt or build your VR app, so your users have the best possible "6DoF" experience. With your developer skills, and the guidance we provide you, you'll soon be on your way to creating immersive experiences your users love.

12:30 PM | Level Up: Unlocking Ads for App Success
Presented by: Duke Dukellis, Director, Product Management

The opportunity has always been clear - game developers can take their businesses to the next level if ads could be unlocked in easier ways, delivering value without compromising user experiences. At AdMob, we’ve been hard at work addressing some of the foundational issues in app advertising - from mediation to measurement. In this session, we’re excited to share new ways in which we’re partnering with the gaming industry and evolving both, industry standards as well as our own platform to ensure you’re getting the tools you need to level up.

1 PM | Fireside Chat and Meet and Greet with Justin Roiland 

Join us as we close out GDC 2018 with a very special guest. We will be hosting a fireside chat with Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, who will be discussing the most recent VR experience from Squanch Games. While you're here, you can try the Squanch Games experience one last time before we say goodbye to GDC 2018.