Mentorship is a critical component of the Indie Games Accelerator curriculum. Participants of the program will have access to leading game experts from Google as well as from leading game studios and institutions around the world.

Mentorship sessions will cover a broad variety of game topics including technical development, design, gameplay, user retention, user acquisition, monetization, and team leadership.


Noah Falstein

Owner-Inspiracy. Ex Chief Game Designer, Google 

Noah Falstein has been a professional game developer since 1980, and was one of the first ten employees at LucasArts Entertainment, The 3DO Company, and Dreamworks Interactive. He has run a design consultancy since 1996 (with a 4-year hiatus as Chief Game Designer for Google) and now focuses primarily on games for health. 

Rami Ismail

Co-founder, Vlambeer 

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.


Matt Hall 

Co-founder, Hipster Whale

Matt Hall is the co-founder of Hipster Whale, developer of the #1 games Crossy Road, PAC-MAN 256 and Disney Crossy Road. He also runs a one-man-band studio called KlickTock and created three other #1 games: Little Things, Doodle Find and Little Things Forever.

Mark Skaggs

Gaming Expert. Ex- Zynga, EA

Mark Skaggs is an award-winning game developer with over 25 years of experience in game development. He is known for creating the worldwide phenomena “FarmVille” and “CityVille” on Facebook(300+ million players), mobile hits with 30 million downloads as well as successful console and PC games selling over 16 million copies at retail.

Shainiel Deo

Founder and CEO, Halfbrick Studios

Shainiel is CEO at Halfbrick Studios, the company behind blockbuster titles like Fruit Ninja, Jetpack joyride and Monster Dash. Since its founding in 2001, Halfbrick Studios has been on the rise starting in a basement in Brisbane to now having six offices across the world.

Alok Kejriwal

CEO and Co-founder, Games2win

Games2win is a global mobile games business that has 150 million game downloads and entertains over 10 million players a month. Alok is very passionate about entrepreneurship and started up a pro bono platform called to help entrepreneurs, connect them and make sure they succeed. Alok's dream is to make a million entrepreneurs bloom!

Doron Kagan

Co-founder & CEO, Game of Whales

Doron has spent the last decade creating and successfully scaling top mobile gaming and content companies, including Deemedya and RayFusion.

 Jaede Tan

Regional Director, App Annie

Jaede Tan is a Regional Director at App Annie and drives business development and sales efforts across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and India. He has over a decade of experience developing commercial relationships in the investment and mobile sectors. 

Daniel Pang

Head Business Development, App Annie

Daniel contributes regional expertise in the mobile app industry, driving business development and sales efforts across Southeast Asia and ANZ. Daniel holds over 8 years of experience in researching the consumer and enterprise mobility space, client computing devices and the Internet of Things. 

Arvind Neelakantan

Evangelist, Unity

Arvind Neelakantan is a game engineer with over 10 years of experience. He started as a game developer working for uWink Inc and moved to Nickelodeon Games where he developed on PC, mobile and web based MMOs on Unity. He has also led the engineering team for Disney India where he worked on mobile games, VR/AR experiences and on experimental technologies. 

Jay Santos

Lead Evangelist, Unity

Jay is Lead Evangelist for the SAPAC region at Unity. He is a Computer Science Graduate from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) with over six years experience in mobile games and applications development.

Alvin Chung

Co-founder, Rayark

Rayark Inc. co-founder, chairman, and CTO. He is in charge of leading the Rayark technology team to design technology frameworks and develop all kinds of products. He aims to create a more stable programming foundation for Rayark's game development technology.

Ming-Yang, Yu

CEO, Rayark

CEO and co-founder of Rayark. Ming-Yang is also the producer and lead game designer of Cytus, Deemo, Implosion, & VOEZ. He believes in creating original gameplay with highest graphic quality as the fundamentals for Rayark productions.

Angelo Lobo

Veteran Game Designer. Ex Designer, Zynga

Angelo led global sensations such as ChefVille, FarmVille 2, and FarmVille Country Escape. Angelo Lobo has over 10 years of experience in game design on mobile and PC. Before Zynga he created hundreds of games as the Lead Designer at Games2Win, including the smash hit, Parking Frenzy. In addition to game design, Angelo has spent time as editor for some of India's largest game magazines


Joe McGinn

Producer, AR/VR Apps & Games, Google

Joe supports APAC developers building AR/ VR experiences developers with Google. Prior to joining Google, he was lead game designer at Radical Entertainment, Activision-Blizzard, the Walt Disney Corporation, and Ubisoft.

Kerry O'Shea

Diversity Program Manager, APAC Staffing, Google

Kerry is a Staffing Lead in People Operations, managing a team of recruiters as well as driving diversity and inclusion initiatives at Google's Singapore office, where he has worked since 2011.

Tom Greenaway

Developer Advocate, Google 

Tom helps developers make the best apps and games possible on the Google Play platform. Prior to joining Google, Tom operated his own independent game studio releasing several successful mobile apps.

Aimen Khan

Business Solutions Consultant, Google 

Aimen Khan is a user acquisition consultant for mobile app businesses across South East Asia. Aimen has been at Google for the past 4 years working across the South Asian Emerging and South East Asian markets. 

Karan Gambhir

Head, Business Development, India, Google Play

Karan leads Business Development for Google Play Apps & Games in India. Prior to Play, Karan was Head of Industry for the technology vertical for Google India, running Google's ad business with OEMs, device manufacturers and SaaS firms.

Serena Shih

Business Development Manager, Google Play 

Serena is the Apps and Games business development manager for China, helping local developers succeed globally on the Google Play platform. In addition, Serena leads Google Play’s indie efforts to grow the Chinese indie community.

Doreen Chou

Strategic Partnership Manager, GCN and SEA YouTube Gaming   

Doreen helps curate and develop well-rounded content careers for YouTube's vast roster of the talented gaming creators, live streamers, game publishers and eSports leagues from GCN and SEA.

Daniel Trócoli

Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google Play, LATAM

Daniel is a Business Development Manager that helps apps and games developers to be successful on Google Play. 

Guy Charusadhirakul

 Business Development Manager, Google Play

Guy works with developers to looking grow their business on Google Play in Southeast Asia by leveraging the best of Android Platform to build outstanding products and to optimize app distribution & monetization strategy. 

Sarah Thomson

Partner Development Manager, Games, Google Play

Based out of Mountain View, California, Sarah is focused on indie partners and building the indie community that fuels innovation, diversity and richness on the Google Play Store. 

David Yin

Business Development Manager, Google Play

David is responsible for managing business growth creation on Google Play for partners and to grow the ecosystem of Google Play. Additionally, David leads the Start on Android program in SEA and also mentors for the Google Launchpad Accelerator program.

Vineet Tanwar

Business Development Manager,  Google Play

Vineet helps apps & games businesses from Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines find success on Android and Google Play. He also leads the Indies program from Google Play team for South East Asia region.

Moonlit Wang

Partner Development Manager, Google Play Games

Moonlit partners with mobile game developers in North America to grow their businesses on Google Play. Prior to Google, she worked at Scopely, Zynga and NERA Economics Consulting. Moonlit is passionate about applying analytics and behavioral psychology to mobile gaming engagement & monetization design. 

Rachel Cheung

Business Development Manager, Google Play

Rachel is currently working as Google Play Games and Apps BD in Taiwan. Rachel works closely with game developers ranging from indies to large game studios on launching successfully on Play and optimizing their mobile business strategy. Prior to joining Play team, Rachel worked on Google's app traffic monetization product AdMob for over 2 years.

Nalin Mittal

Google Firebase Product Manager 

Nalin leads growth products for Firebase including A/B Testing, Remote Config, Notifications, and Predictions. Prior to Google, Nalin co-founded several companies including Appbistro,, Celebrate, and Giffiti where he led product & engineering efforts.

Ross Brockman

APAC Head, Mobile Apps Partnerships, Google

Ross started out at Google in AdMob acquisition. Following four years in Europe, working across all of Google’s app and games monetisation products, he moved to APAC where he now works on strategic partnerships with Google's largest developer clients.

Sharan Tulsiani

Business Development Manager, Google Play 

Sharan works closely with indies as well as market leaders to help them bring fantastic games and apps to users and find success on the Play platform. A veteran of the gaming industry he has worked with game developers across India, South East Asia, Europe and other regions before joining Google and the Play BD team in India.