Welcome to the Merkle Mobile Experience Playbook in partnership with Google

A one second difference in the time it takes for a mobile web page to load can impact conversion by up to 20%.

Mobile experiences are still falling short of user expectations, having engaging and fast mobile web experiences is more critical than ever to any business.

The Learning Playbook provides Mobile Web stakeholders access to mobile experience best practices.





"When your mobile site is slow and information can't be found, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another mobile site or app. In fact, of those who switch, 70% do so because of lagging load times. And that affects the bottom line. In retail, we’ve seen that a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

Merkle helps businesses identify where mobile performance can be improved. Working closely with Google ensures that our clients are in a position to build best possible consumer mobile experiences. These sites should be fast loading with deep functionality and contextual personalisation to enable excellent mobile first customer experiences"

Azlan Raj - Vice President Customer Experience, Merkle


This website provides up-to-date resources to help build a faster consumer experience across the mobile web through working with Agency partners.

Each section of the site explores common issues and provides Agencies and Marketers solutions to help overcome them through improving and adopting best practices around:

  • Why getting Mobile Site Experience is critical
  • Mobile Page Performance
  • Building a Performance Culture
  • Performance Measurement & Tools
  • User Experience across a Mobile Site
  • Next generation Mobile Web technology

The site also provides useful links and contacts to help add further depth. 




Performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture. 

Performance issues vary. At best, they create small delays that are only briefly annoying to your users.

At worst, they make your site completely inaccessible, unresponsive to user input, or both.

One notable hurdle is that mobile sites feature more functionality than ever before. So much so, that many sites now struggle to achieve a high level of performance across a variety of network conditions and devices. 

Improving Performance  has dramatic impact. Pinterest increased search engine traffic and sign-ups by 15% when they reduced perceived wait times by 40%.

It's not just consumer impact, it's should be a C'Level business priority too. DoubleClick by Google found 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Do you lose customers because of poor Mobile Site performance? 


This website is a Learning Playbook to help mobile web stakeholders own the user-experience impact of their mobile website design choices.

It aims to ensure that a user's mobile web experience is best in class with fast loading, responsive pages leading to higher mSite conversion rates.

The Playbook helps multiple teams spanning varied Agency and Client roles and disciplines build better approaches to effective use of mobile.

Improving consumer time on-site, the consumer's journey across the site and return visits via a fast and engaging experience helps build and maintain conversion performance. 


Site Sections

1. Understanding Performance


Importance of Mobile 

Importance Image


Mobile Speed

Speed image


Performance Culture

Performance Culture


Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement



 2. Delivering Change


Performance Tools

perf tools


Mobile UX



Next Generation mWeb







EVENT - 2019 Mobile Conversion Event for Agencies and Marketers



Later this year we will invite you to a Google organised event that accelerates the Playbook theory into Mobile practice.



To hear from practioners who have undertaken and overcome  Mobile Web challenges resulting in improved user conversion.



The event will be at Google's London offices and will include speakers from Google's Mobile teams and Customers.