1. The Importance of Mobile 

Slow load times and poor functionality also lead to significantly lower conversion rates, 40% below those of desktops.

If your mobile version of your website has a lower conversion rate than its desktop equivalent you run the risk of losing out on revenue as mobile becomes the go-to consumer device.

The Playbook is split into key sections to provide solutions to overome lower conversion performance from your mobile site. It's full of insights and actions to create a great mobile experience.

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Every Second counts

Today, it’s critical that marketers design fast web experiences regardless of industry sector.

People want to quickly pay bills on finance sites, get rapid results when they’re browsing vacation reviews, and view an article immediately when they click through.

And if there’s too much friction, they’ll abandon the site and move on.

When your site or app is clumsy or slow, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn't satisfy their needs (that is, they can't find information or it's too slow).

In fact, of those who switch, 70% do so because of lagging load times.​ 

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The reality: users shift to mobile 

UK: Time Spent Mobile vs. Desktop


USA: Time spent Mobile vs. Desktop


Asia: Market share Mobile vs. Desktop




Influence: Mobile shapes consumers purchase decisions

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