Adopt A Startup News


EdgeTier have been crowned the Winners of Adopt A Startup H1 2019.

Paddy Flynn, Director at Google said: “We’re delighted to name EdgeTier as the winners of this year’s final as we felt that they showed that had learnt the most from the programme and demonstrated a real change from what they had learned. “Their self-awareness as a business is extremely high. They knew what they didn’t know and quickly went about finding the answers they were seeking. They really took advantage of the opportunity to work closely with Google experts and they are well positioned to achieve their objectives. “I think the opportunity for EdgeTier to grow is extremely high. The market segment they are targeting is ripe for the AI based solution they have developed. They are in the right place, at the right time with the right product to achieve success”. Paddy Flynn added: “It wasn’t an easy decision for the judges, given the richness of talent and the achievements of our finalists over the past eight weeks. All our Adopt A Startup companies have shown real promise throughout the programme and I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from them over the coming years”.


Adopt A Startup H1 2019 Participants Announced

This year's Adopt A Startup participants have been accounced as Allergy Lifestyle, Change Donations, Construction BOS, Coroflo, Danalto, EdgeTier, FarmHedge, Limtz, Moby, SureSitter, Teemie, PepTalk, RideShair, Wrkit and VRAI.

The prizes up for grabs include €10,000 in Google Ads credit and eligibility for the Google Cloud Programme, which includes $100,000 in Google Cloud Credit.

Speaking on the programme, Director Paddy Flynn explains “Our focus is on the priority areas that will help these companies scale for growth and identify new opportunities for their businesses. The start-ups selected all demonstrate significant innovation and we believe have the opportunity to create new jobs and add value in their local communities. The team at Google are incredibly excited to start working with these ambitious start-ups and help them realise their businesses potential" 


UrbanVolt have been crowned the Winners of Adopt A Startup H2 2018.

Following an intense 12 week programme consisting of lectures, workshops and hands-on mentorship from Google experts, the overall winners were announced as UrbanVolt. Paddy Flynn - Head of Startups for Google Ireland - stated that, “UrbanVolt was chosen by the judges because of the significant progress they made over the 12-week mentoring programme. Working with their Google team, they identified a series of objectives, which they explained to the judges along with the impressive results they achieved.” Healthy Breathing Specialists Nasal Medical were awarded 2nd place for their presentation on the growth of their breathing enhancement aids, with EU startup Dashmote coming in 3rd place for their presentation on the progression of their AI Image Analytics Platform. Waterford based TrustAp were awarded 3 months’ free hot-desking at DogPatch Labs. Check out the photos from the Grand Final here.


Adopt A Startup H2 2018 Grand Finalists Announced

30 startups have spent the past 12 weeks on the intensive programme which aims to provide the startup community with the insights and knowledge needed to help them grow their companies on a global scale. The eight finalists were chosen following an intense pitching competition in Google’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin.

The eight finalists, Dashmote, JumpAgrade, UrbanVolt, FlexiWage, Nasal Medical, TrustAp, Bid Recruit and Wellola will pitch a panel of industry experts next Tuesday (11th December). They will present the targets they set at the start of the programme (such as increased lead generation, improved site speed, increased sales and cost savings on cloud storage) and how these targets have been met or exceeded. The results the company achieved, together with their future plans for continued growth and development will be considered by the judging panel and the winner announced on the night.