Success Stories

Arklu, Ian Harkin, Managing Director (H1, 2016, Winner)

“Business is going well, we’ve already exceeded last year’s numbers and we are now entering our busiest two months of the year, last year we doubled the previous year’s turnover and this year we hope to do the same again. Our products are inspired by ideas sent to us by kids, we show that there are many ways to enjoy childhood and to enjoy childhood you simply just have to be yourself. In developing our brand we try to teach kids that anything is possible, we take this inspiration ourselves and believe we can compete on a global level with the established toy companies whilst being based in the Northwest of Ireland. The competition made us look again at our business model, there were some honest assessments of where we needed to improve and really focus on our customers, our values is why we have customers and we need to make sure we live up to those in everything we do, the competition allowed us step back and analyse ourselves in an open way. Since winning the competition our online sales on are 3 times ahead compared to the same period last year, online now represents 50% of our business. The competition taught us in a practical way about the importance of segmenting our marketing and reporting, it allows you to compare different markets but also create awareness of the subtle differences between them. It’s a laborious process but once in place you immediately are making smarter decisions. I was hesitant before entering the competition as we are a product based company and how could we benefit from such a competition that surely was focused on IT based businesses, but when you think about it Google are helping businesses everyday from every part of the world no matter how remote or what industry to be found by their customers and who better to learn from. Since winning we have signed a worldwide book deal with Penguin, one of our dolls returned from space having spent 264 days on the international space station, we are close to signing off a major new investment and by this time next year we hope to double our current workforce to have 20 people employed in Donegal”.


TruckScience (H1, 2016, 2nd Place) Sorcha O'Grady, Director, Sales & Marketing

The Google Adopt A Startup program has had a hugely positive impact on our business. The program has helped us to measure and improve all of the stages of our customer journey. In the 6 months since the program, we have acquired as many new customers for our Axle Weight Calculator as we did in the 3 years prior to the program. The PR from the program has also added greatly to our credibility, both locally and internationally.


Beutifi, (H1, 2016, 3rd Place) Richard Spence, Founder

“The Google Adopt a Start-up program provided with the skills and tools to improve our user experience, understand the customer in much more detail and how to target and acquire them in a much more cost effective manner. The data we unlocked through being on the program contributed to improving our booking conversion by almost 70%”


Pundit Arena (H2, 2015, Participant), Ross O'Dwyer, Founder

“Our participation in Adopt a Startup began at a time when the company was raising its seed round and we received fantastic mentorship and made many valuable connections in Google. Since the programme we have continued to utilise the tools we learned to maintain a strategic outlook to all of our undertakings. I would certainly recommend this programme to startups both in Ireland and abroad.”


FoodCloud (H1, 2015, Winner)

Our Google Start-up team were very supportive and spent a lot of time learning about the work we do. They worked with us to develop a digital marketing strategy that would help us to raise awareness about the work we are doing in Ireland to tackle food waste.


Bizimply, (H1, 2015, 2nd Place), Mikey Cannon, Founder

"One of the biggest learnings for the team here at Bizimply was how Google has the tools to support a diverse digital marketing strategy. It's not just AdWords but display marketing, retargeting, website performance, social engagement, in email advertising, video and much more. Working closely with the team at Google to understand how to effectively use each one to suit our strategy was invaluable. The great thing about the programme was that it was not just focused on what you can do with Google. The focus was on establishing a digital strategy that worked for our company and where Google’s suite of tools could help. It allowed us to focus on creating a multi-channel marketing strategy that resonated with our target market. Since taking part in the programme we have put in place a much more focused digital strategy, which has allowed Bizimply to grow rapidly in the past 12 months. We would sincerely like to thank everyone involved in the programme particularly our 3 mentors Isabel Barajes, Pauline Farrelly and Cyrille Flom. We would encourage any startup to take part and benefit from the knowledge and advice of the team at Google."

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