Innovate, Build, Launch with Business Messages

Starting in November, participate in the first ever Business Messages agent creation competition. The contest will take place in stages. You will first need to express your interest in participating by completing the registration form on this website.

This competition is an opportunity for you to show off what your company can create, demonstrate your innovation and creativity, win awesome prizes, and highlight the features of the Business Messages platform.

Submit your agents by March 31st!

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What is this?

This is a competition to create and launch innovative experiences on Google's Business Messages platform. There are two opportunities to participate. You can launch an agent with a real brand or submit a demo. Only launched agents will be eligible for the top prizes. 

Why participate?

This is a great opportunity to showcase your company and a brand that you work with. You will also have the opportunity to win great prizes and learn more about Business Messages.

Who is eligible?

Any Business Messages registered partner is free to participate. If you are interested in participating but are not registered with Business Messages, you can register for the platform here.

Event timeline

Below lists the dates and action items that need to be completed by each date in order to participate in the contest.

Date Action item
Jan. 31 Registration closes
Feb 12 Submit proposal for your Business Messages agent
March 31 Launch your agent or submit final demo
April 30 Prize winners announced