Contest details

Contest structure

There are two tracks for participation in the competition:

  1. Creating and launching an agent with a real-world brand
  2. Creating a demo for an innnovative experience

To be eligible for the top prizes and marketing opportunities from Google, you will need to be part of Track 1, not only building a great Business Messages experience, but also launching it live on Search and Maps.

Track 2 is open to any participating company that wants to submit an innovative demo, but is not ready to launch live on the platform with a brand.

Official rules of the contest can be found here

Contest timeline


For participation in either track, you first need to register to express your company's interest in participation. If you are at all interested, we strongly encourage you to register. You will have some time before you have to deliver anything beyond your registration details. You have until the end of 2020 to register.

Submitting a proposal

Your next task will be to complete a proposal for what you are working on or plan to build by the end of January, 2021. More details will be available closer to that time.

Final submission

If you are participating in Track 1, you will need to have your agent launched by the end of March. For Track 2, you will need to submit your final demo. More details will be available closer to that time.

Date Action item
Jan. 31 Registration closes
Feb. 12 Submit proposal for your Business Messages agent
March 31 Launch your agent or submit final demo
April 30 Prize winners announced


Evaluation criteria

For either track, we will be evaluating experiences based on the following criteria:

  • Follows the design guidelines and best practices as outlined in the Business Messages Brand Playbook
  • Makes use of all or most of the Business Messages features: typing indicators, avatars, rich content, requesting a live agent
  • Novelty of the design
  • Uniqueness of the use case
  • Potential to change the messaging landscape
  • Has measured consumer and/or business impact

For Track 1, we will also be taking into account the potential volume of the campaign.


Track 1 - Launched brands only

  • 1st prize $15,000, 2nd prize $10,000 (up to 4 available), 3rd prize $5,000 (up to 7 available)

Track 2 - Demo only

  • Up to ten $1,000 prizes available

* Prize money is gross value