Google for Startups: Ads Support Program

Getting the attention of potential customers quickly and effectively doesn’t have to be difficult - or expensive. Google Ads flexible pricing and budgeting means it can bring advantages to startups in an extremely cost-effective way. However, startups need a deeper level of support to get the most out of their campaigns and effectively scale their business.  

If the time is right for you to grow, our Ads offering will connect you with Google experts that will help you build an account and optimize your campaigns to achieve results that matter to your business.

Google For Startups Summit

About the Program

The Ads Support Program provides a seamless process for startups at all stages of the lifecycle to connect with Google Ads teams for dedicated support which includes: digital marketing strategy, building and optimizing campaigns, and measuring results that matter. Additionally, startups will simultaneously learn how to manage their own accounts to become self-sustaining advertisers. Startup receive support for a minimum of 3 months. 

Minimum Requirements

In order to ensure your startup is set up for success on Google, each company needs to meet the following criteria: 

  • Minimum Budget: $10,000 over 3 months of advertising ($110/day)
  • Prepared to run a digital marketing campaign now.
  • Understanding of your marketing goals, success metrics
  • Willingness to provide proper ad copy, display assets, and all other information needed for a successful campaign 



Program Benefits

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Point of Contact at Google


Budget and Media Recommendations


Regular account optimization with account strategist


Intensive marketing strategy consulting beyond Google Ads