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Getting the attention of potential customers quickly and effectively doesn’t have to be difficult - or expensive. Google Ads flexible pricing and budgeting means you’ll never pay more than your monthly limit and only when your customers take action, like sign up for a free trial or purchase your product.

If the time is right for you to grow, our Ads offering will connect you with Google experts who will help you build an account and optimize your campaigns to achieve results that matter to your business. 


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About the Offering


Ads Support provides a seamless process for startups of all sizes to connect with Google Ads teams for dedicated consultation and support which includes: digital marketing strategy, campaign optimization, and measurement plans that are tied to your growth goals. Additionally, startups will simultaneously learn how to manage their own accounts to become self-sustaining advertisers. Startups receive support for a minimum of 3 months.

Note: This is an application based program. Unfortunately, we cannot support all startups. We will reach out to you within 5 business days of application submission. 


Four Support Levels


Find the support that is right for you!

This program has four support levels to assist startups at different stages of the life cycle. You can find more information on the application criteria on the separate pages for each program. 

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Onboarding Support

Startups that are just getting started on Google Ads and have never spent on the platform. 


Accelerated Growth

Startups that have an existing Google Ads account, but are ready to rapidly scale their current account. These startups usually just received an influx of funding or have seen consistent cash flow and ROI.


Existing Account Support

Startups that have one off questions about their Google Ads account


Partner Support

Startups who are looking for agency and/or channel partnerships.


Program Benefits

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Point of Contact at Google


Budget and Media Recommendations


Regular account optimization with account strategist


Intensive marketing strategy consulting beyond Google Ads