Frequently Asked Questions 

Wondering how the program works and if its right for you? Here’s what you should know. 

It takes Google’s algorithm a certain amount of time to gather enough data to complete its learning phase. The duration is dependent on a variety of factors and the complexity of the campaigns. After much testing, $10K is the minimum amount of budget and 3 months is the minimum duration of time required to ensure we can provide a positive Return on Investment.

If you do not have a marketing budget of $10K available to spend on Google Ads, we recommend waiting to setup your account. This is to improve your probability of receiving a positive return on ad spend. 

After you finish the 3-month duration, one of three things can happen based on your advertising needs. Continue with an account management team at Google,  manage your account in-house, or continue working with a Google Partner of your choice (Google partners are trained to take over management).

This is dependent on you. Initially, you will meet frequently with your account specialist as they build your account and you align on ROI metrics. When the account is running, you may set up recurring calls to sync on performance.