Onboarding Support


Who we are

We are a small internal team with Google that partners with the fastest growing companies and startups across North America. Our onboarding specialists are well versed in all industries, including: Retail, CPG, Health, EComm, App, and Finance.

What we do

Our team specializes in providing whiteglove service and consulting to businesses of all sizes focused on investing in the growth of their business. Each quarter, we work with a handful of companies to customize advertising campaigns aligned to their growth goals and help them optimize around the most profitable areas in order to see sustained, long-term success.

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Onboarding Support Who we do image

Why we exist

The number one goal for the program is to build long term, sustainable growth for our partners. Through thousands of use cases, we’ve found that if we can provide specific partners with hands-on strategic support during a time of growth, we can expedite learnings and uncover tremendous value in the marketplace. This ultimately leads to making Google Ads a strategic part of the business for years to come. 


Who is a good fit for our program

  • You have an appetite for testing
  • You haven’t tried Google Ads for at least the past 180 days
  • You’re focused on growth in the next 3-6 months
  • You have a good handle on your marketing goals and KPIs


Application process

If this program sounds like it may be a fit for you, please click the link below to apply. If our team feels like your business may be a fit, we will reach out to you directly with information around next steps.

Please note: Due to the nature of our program, we are careful to partner with advertisers that will truly benefit from scaling their marketing investment to create long term sustainable growth. Depending on the lifecycle and goals of your business, now may not be the right time to partner with our team.


Frequently Asked Questions

If accepted, this program is completely free. Every dollar you invest goes directly towards your Google Ads account.

Yes, but it is dependent upon the stage of the account. Our team of specialized growth consultants has to reserve this level of additional bandwidth for advertisers that are ready to take the next step in their digital ads investment. Every customer is in a different stage, and will require different needs or investment levels, but AGT has to ensure our limited bandwidth is reserved for customers ready to scale from their existing trajectory to warrant this additional support. 

This is dependent on you. Initially, you will meet frequently with your account specialist as they build your account and you align on ROI metrics. When the account is running, you may set up recurring calls to sync on performance.