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Who we are

We are a small internal incubation team here at Google that partners with the fastest growing companies and startups across North America. Our growth specialists are well versed in all industries, including: Retail, CPG, Health, EComm, App, and Finance.

What we do

Our team specializes in providing whiteglove service and collaboration to businesses of all sizes focused on fast, sustainable growth. We select a limited number of companies to partner with and provide day to day account management, access to beta products, and strategic business development support.

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Why we exist

The number one goal for the program is to build long term, sustainable growth for our partners. Through thousands of use cases, we’ve found that if we can provide specific partners with hands-on strategic support during a time of rapid growth, we can expedite learnings and uncover tremendous value in the marketplace. This ultimately leads to increasing investment with Google and our channels becoming a strong piece in the overall marketing mix for years to come..

Who is a good fit for our program

  • You already have a Google Ads account
  • You have an appetite for testing
  • You’re focused on rapid growth in the next 3-6 months
  • You have a good handle on your marketing goals and KPIs. 


Application process

If this program sounds like it may be a fit for you, please click the link below to apply. If our team feels like your business may be a fit, we will reach out to you directly with information around next steps. Please note: Due to the nature of our program, we are careful to partner with advertisers that will truly benefit from scaling their marketing investment to create long term sustainable growth. Depending on the lifecycle and goals of your business, now may not be the right time to partner with our team.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If accepted, this program is completely free. Every dollar you invest goes directly towards your Google Ads account. 

Yes, but it is dependent upon the stage of the account. Our team of specialized growth consultants has to reserve this level of additional bandwidth for advertisers that are ready to take the next step in their digital ads investment. Every customer is in a different stage, and will require different needs or investment levels, but AGT has to ensure our limited bandwidth is reserved for customers ready to scale from their existing trajectory to warrant this additional support. 

After you finish the 3-month duration, one of three things can happen based on your advertising needs. Continue with an account management team at Google, manage your account in-house, or continue working with a Google Partner of your choice (Google partners are trained to take over management).

This is dependent on you. Initially, you will meet frequently with your account specialist as they build your account and you align on ROI metrics. When the account is running, you may set up recurring calls to sync on performance.



Check out some of our previous partners!

Bright Cellars Uses Automation And Keyword Optimizations To Increase Sales 120%

Bright Cellars

A monthly wine club customized to your unique tastes. Milwaukee, WI US

Bright Cellars


"Working with the Accelerated Growth Team during this time helped us handle a huge increase in demand and grow Bright Cellars immensely.”

—Phillip Wedge, Paid Media Manager 

The challenge

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club where users can share their personal food and drink preferences in order to get a custom wine box stocked full of picks just for them. They had recognized a huge shift in user behavior as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, where significantly more users were searching for wine clubs online. Bright Cellars was looking to take advantage of this growing trend to take their business to the next level.

The approach

Google’s Accelerated Growth Team partnered directly with Bright Cellars’ marketing team to design a plan that would drive more sales to new customers at a profitable CPA. After running numerous internal reports to capture an understanding for the growing demand, the Google team put together an approach to maximize Branded and Non-brand search while testing YouTube and Display campaigns to drive new customer awareness.

The results

By leaning into a full funnel approach and uncapping budgets on effective keywords, Bright Cellars capitalized on changing consumer trends to drive 630% more sales through Google Ads YoY. This led to a 120% increase in revenue YoY for the company, and they are hiring more employees in order to continue expanding their business.

Bright Cellars stats


Ollie Pets increases Conversions 340% QOQ Conversions while decreasing CPA


Ollie Pets



"Amidst the surge of pet adoptions and increasing demand for high-quality dog food during the pandemic, Google helped us both educate consumers on our category through YouTube and capture high-intent users through Search. Not only were we able to significantly scale acquisition at lower costs, but we were also able to prove out YouTube as an efficient prospecting channel."

— Evan, Ollie Pets 

The challenge

Ollie Pets ( is a growing startup in the fresh dog food delivery sector. In a competitive market, they had two primary growth goals 1) gain market share from their competitors 2) gain 4K new subscriptions, all while staying under their customer acquisition cost target. Because of COVID-19, searches for "Dog Food Delivery" drastically increased and we saw this as an opportunity to help users looking for these products as well as utilize new strategies to gain market share.

The approach

To work towards these goals we adopted a full funnel approach which included a Youtube for Action campaign with a brand lift study and expanding our search strategy. Specifically in search we experimented with Ad customizers, a new campaign focused on delivery keywords, and a competitor campaign.

The results

The Youtube campaign resulted in 42,271 lifted users and +10% additional conversions through branded-search. Overall, Ollie Pets was able to increase conversions 340% receiving more than 3,700 conversions from April 7th to July 5th. During this time we also decreased their CPA by approximately 21%. 




Ollie stats


Breakthrough Guitar

15x's Revenue with Google in 90 Days

Breakthrough Guitar

Become the Musician you Want to Be

Breakthrough Guitar


"AGT has elevated Breakthrough Guitar into a major player in our marketplace. Together, we're looking forward to dominating in years to come.”

—Jonathan, CEO Breakthrough Guitar

The challenge

The founder, Jonathan, started this business back in 2019 and launched Google Ads soon after to begin scaling his model. Armed with a strong copywriting background, Jonathan felt that he just needed to get more reach within his target market to effectively scale.

The approach

The Accelerated Growth Team partnered with Breakthrough Guitar early in Q2’20 to get an understanding for who this audience was he was looking to target. After a handful of conversations, AGT was able to identify a mix of Google offerings on Display, Search, Discovery and YouTube that could help Breakthrough Guitar move towards achieving their ultimate goal for 2020, which was hitting multiple six figures in monthly revenue by the end of the year.

The results

After several iterations of testing creatives, audiences, and strategies, in just the first 45 days we grew revenue by 500%, which came in combination with a 3.8X increase in Google Ads investment. This ultimately helped Breakthrough Guitar achieve their end of year goal six months ahead of schedule. Due to this incredible growth, Breakthrough Guitar has since hired 9 employees, and is working on scaling the business much further with Google products for years to come. 

Breakthrough Guitar stats