Surprise Assignment

Stay fit with Virat Kohli 

It’s time for some stretches and a good warm up as Virat Kohli has a surprise assignment for you. Staying at home does not mean we can’t stay fit. In this assignment, send us an image or video of you doing your favourite exercise at home. It can be anything from jumping jacks to yoga or even a drill you have created for yourself. So come on, let’s stay fit together!

Also, make sure to watch the video from Virat Kohli to get some inspiration for your assignment! 

Juniors & Seniors

8-16 years

We know you are going to enjoy these assignments. That’s why we don’t want any glitches, technical or otherwise, to ruin the fun. So here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure we receive your project.

  • This assignment won’t be evaluated. However, the top entries could feature alongside Virat Kohli in a video.
  • Make sure to warm up before you start your exercise.
  • Please ensure you conduct your exercise in a safe environment at home and stay safe.
  • Your email ID is your unique identifier. Use the same email address across all assignments to help us evaluate you better and contact you easily.
  • Duration of the video to not exceed 1 minute. Not more than 1 image can be submitted by a kid.
  • The file size for the image/video to not exceed 100MB
  • All assignments need to be submitted by 25.07.20. Post this date we won’t be able to accept your submissions.
  • Most importantly, have fun. No minus points for that at Google! 
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