1. Importance of mobile

Does the mobile version of your website have a lower conversion rate than its desktop equivalent? Then you run the risk of losing out on revenue as mobile becomes the go-to consumer device. But the good news is that there are solutions. The Win on Mobile course will help you with insights and actions to create a great mobile experience.

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The reality: users shift to mobile

UK: Time spent on mobile vs desktop

UK Time spent on mobile vs desktop

USA: Time spent on mobile vs desktop

USA Time spent on mobile vs desktop

Source: “How mobile is overtaking desktop for global media consumption”, 2017, Digiday

Asia: Market share comparing mobile vs desktop

Asia market

Source: StatCounter, Jan 2013 – July 2017


The challenge: More visitors – but lower conversion rates

Mobile visitors generally convert 1/2 as often as dekstop users within ecommerce.

Source: Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly, Aug 2018

Relative mobile conversion rate is 1 out of 2


The solution: Improve the mobile site

The good news is that there are solutions that can drive more mobile conversions. Win on Mobile helps you resolve the most crucial mobile site issues to give visitors a great mobile experience. This course will show you how to...

Fix speed

Fix speed

Fix mobile design

Fix the mobile design

Use modern web technology

Get help from modern web technology

Exercise: Start acting

Prepare your company to improve its mobile site

Before implementing any changes to your mobile site, make sure you are tracking mobile conversion rates. Set mobile goals, for instance to make the mobile conversion rate close to as high as the desktop conversion rate, so you measure the success of your mobile site.

You’ll need time, know-how and the resources to implement mobile fixes. Reallocate resources to help your team create a valuable mobile experience.

Mobile resources
Start acting

Let’s get going with the importance of speed!

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